An Art Work of Erotic Japanese Massage...

Professional Japanese Massage London. Where?, How? What? How much?

An Art Work of Erotic Japanese Massage...

An Art Work of Erotic Japanese Massage…

Where to find a Professional Japanese Massage at London?

Here you are in London, the big cosmopolis where you can find and experience almost everything you can imagine. All day going around, walking, visiting and many times just working having one meeting after another, then you just want to relax and you think how great a Professional Erotic Japanese Massage sounds, a hot shower and a naked male body helping you to relax and making you feel so good about yourself. But where? How? What? How much?

Internet? Yes, here we are. Erotic Massage guides, maps, ads, you can look just by typing the words ‘professional erotic Japanese massage London’ to find many listings But, as you can see, London is huge and there are many ads for massage parlours and escort agencies when you just want an authentic Japanese massage with beautiful Asian masseuse.

If that is the case, you should try search for Asian, Oriental, Japanese, Nuru… and you can always define the area such as Victoria, Westminster, Soho, London Central, etc. Lets try ‘Japanese Nuru Erotic Massage London’ and try other variants the ads online usually allow us to use ten or fifteen keywords and we try our best to guess which ones you use. We always try different keywords variants referring to the services we provide and the areas we cover.

Maps – google maps and google+ Local are very useful and of course a good way to find us.

Guides and directories. Welcome to wonderland:

Guides such as Yelp, Qype (merged with yelp) and many others but do not trust reviews; on the one hand half of the reviews are fake and the other half not really reviews.

Good happy clients do not usually write reviews, especially about professional erotic Japanese massage, as they do not want anyone to find out about them which is much easier to do than you might think.

I know many guides and directories where it is very easy to write your own reviews, positive some of the reviews are real but a listing with twenty-seven good reviews? Come on!

There are many mean persons who write a bad review for the sake of it or because the masseuse did not want to have sex with them, etc.

If the service was bad you should talk with the Masseuse to make your point and try to resolve any issues, but you do not leave the Masseuses with the only option being to write a bad review.

Another example of bad reviews are those written by competitors, many fake bad reviews are from competitors trying to make you lose credibility and rankings. Nowadays, reviews are not anonymous anymore as used to be the case, and to find out who did the review is very simple. Therefore a bad fake review could have legal consequences especially if the review is against a legal, registered professional business.

Massage directories are always my favourite:

There are some erotic massage magazine in the market, they also manage websites for escorts and Masseuses.

As you see it is easy to get a professional Japanese massage London if you know the way, so why spend your business trips nights alone?

Is London Sexy Massage For You?

Let’s go sexy massage in London ! At Butterfly Massage, we focus on the art of sensual: our masseuses offer full packages of sexy massage therapis to clients including: Body to body massage, Tantric massage, Lingam massage (happy ending massage), Japanese nuru massage, Prostate massage, Feitshes…and many more… We have massage center in Marylebone London, we also provide outcall massage to all central London districts as well as Heathrow airport hotels.

sexy massage therapy in London for Men

Allow me to introduce our Sexy massage service in London:

Is London Sexy Massage For You?

Sexy Massage can be a great find for everyone. Whether you are newly in love or have been together for years, whether you have been exploring erotic massage or never heard of it, whether your sex life is great or you are having problems, whether you consider yourself a great lover or a not so experienced one, being able to give your partner a Sexy Massage will always open new horizons for you and perhaps even help you to stay together in the long run.

Massage for Good Lovers

Sexy Massage is not just for those who lack something in their sex life. Good lovers still can learn and explore a lot together here. Our current mainstream knowledge on how our sexual bodies and minds work is still limited and even if you are an adept on all the sex techniques out there, you may still be experiencing only more superficial levels and even your partner may not be aware of what he/she needs to go deeper. Sexy Massage will give you a new depth to enjoy, a new esoteric sexual knowledge, where you explore your intimacy even more.

Massage for Not So Good Lovers

If you are frankly aware that you lack some understanding in sex and you would like to improve your sex life with your partner, it is nothing you should be ashamed to admit – we all need to learn and sexuality is no exception. Our sexy massage sessions for couples will give you a wealth of knowledge about each other’s sexual beings, and will give you a great practical tool to go in and explore more and learn more.

Massage for Fresh Lovers

For some time in the beginning everything is booming and sex is plentiful, powered by passion and novelty. This foundation often doesn’t last forever, though, and with time many couples find that sex life begins deteriorating. The superficial intensities get old, the chase for new excitement has arrived to numbness and your deeper sexual selves still remain untouched in the absence of true sexual merging. Things begin looking like too much effort and too little compensation. It is only logical when we ride on sharp excitements and don’t access our deeper sexual beings. Don’t wait till you have to reanimate, build on good foundations now, expand your horizons now, introduce an extra dimension into your sex life now, while your energy is still strong to unite you.

Massage for Mature Couple

Those who have been together for many years may find that no matter how much you love each other you need to grow in intimacy in your sex and keep it evolving beyond the initial passions. Some couples set off on a search for novelties and experimental excitement, getting into an endless chase for new ways of arousal that in the end fail to strengthen their bond. Yet there is a whole world available to them right now, a world that can make them feel sexually fulfilled and deeply intimate, a world where their love would flourish in peace. Sexy Massage can be a key to that door.

Massage for Couples with Problems

It is surprising how many sex problems and conflicts come from one basic issue of incompatibility. It may not be obvious every time but almost all of the sexual dissatisfaction has its roots here. A Sexy Massage gives us a perfect tool to practice and achieve the fundamentals to meet your partner on the same deep wavelength. There is nothing as effective as Sexy Massage at this. Not only it can dissolve most of your sexual conflicts, but it also revives your sexual body to new sensitivity and vitality.

Massage for Tantric Lovers

Whether you have already tried to have Tantric sex in your life, or you are simply somewhat informed about it, a Sexy Massage is an invaluable universal tool to practice all that Tantric sex is about. Most workshops and massage parlours will teach you about the philosophy and emotional aspects of Tantric sex but won’t give you something directly practical to delve into Tantric sex. Sexy Massage is one of the ways in which you can actually practice the principles of Tantric sex and open yourself to deeper dimensions before the sex itself.

Live is too short for boring bad massages, contact us today to book your new massage experience at London. Find your massage in central London: West London, North London, Knightsbridge, Euston Station Hammersmith,  Heathrow airport and any other districts!

Choose Butterfly For The Best Asian Massage

Everyone could do with a massage every now and then, but if you want the ultimate experience then a Butterfly asian massage in London should be at the top of your bucket list. This wonderful massage is performed by only the most beautiful and trained masseuses who will help you relax and relieve you of any tension that you might be struggling with.

Asian massage service in London

Girl for Asian massage service in London

Top signs that you might need a Sensual Massage

  • • You are irritated by even the smallest of things and noises
  • • You struggle to focus on your work no matter how hard you try
  • • You are always tired and stressed about your work and home life
  • • You are flooded by an urge to get some intimate attention and help you feel welcome and appreciated
  • • Depressive thoughts are seeping into your daily activities
  • • You desperately need a holiday but it is a while before you will be able to take off from work
  • • You are working on a large project that is consuming all your thoughts and energy

What exactly is a Asian Massage?

An Asian Massage is one of the greatest excursions that you can try for an ultimately pleasurable experience. The massage can be conducted at your home or at a luxury hotel depending on your personal preferences but a secluded area is required. A gorgeous young masseuse will help set the mood by applying a wonderful oil to your skin and lighting some candles that will help distract you from your stressed world. She will then proceed to perform a massage that you have never experienced before in your life. The gorgeous masseuses use their entire body to help soothe and pleasure you. They know exactly which buttons to push and where to touch to transform you into a world of relaxation. If you never had a Asian Massage before then it is high time you start making arrangements so you can also have an adventure that you will never forget. For price and services information click here.

Let the Butterfly lead you to the world of tantra

Butterfly London Tantric Massage, lead you to the Our Special  Tantra….

An intense encounter, dissolve boundaries , receive the energy of erotic Tantra.

An immense space in your mind…an unlimited joy in your heart..

without other desires, without other expectations,

only here , only at this very moment…

If your heart is widely open, you will increasingly feeling the marvellous of Tantra .

You will see, hear, feel, and entering the house of tantra.

With your ability you will discover the beauty deep inside..

Here is the you will reach the true ecstasy…

Asian Butterfly Tantra Massage London.. The flow of sexual energy.

Groundbreaking, relaxing, exciting, refreshing…

You will feel relax with unlimited pleasure…

The tantric massage is a sensual instrument experience for your whole body as well as your mind…

A wonderful London Tantric massage where every inch of your body lovingly touched.


 Tantric massage is a healing which allows you to observe and control your sexual energy..

Tantra is a great gift to the human being .It is truly the link between sexuality, love and sacredness. Through the practice of Tantra we awaken to the truth that our sexual potential is limitless. Tantra helps to dissolve boundaries and unite us with our true nature in the most divine and intimate ways.  Butterfly London tantra massage also includes a lot of stretching and exercises, which have an “applied” effect. To get an authentic tantric massage session in London , you can visit our massage parlour , or 7th heaven massage temple if we are not available for booking.

Booking a fabulous London Tantric Erotic Massage Now

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  • Tel (UK): 0744 883 6016
  • Tel (from abroad): 0044 744 883 6016


Massage in Paddington and Bayswater Area

Ella in Bayswater and Paddington Area is London’s best Oriental Massage Therapist with over 4 years tantric Massage experience.
Bayswater and Paddington are only few minutes walk from one to another, if you would love to enjoy a Tantric Massage or Erotic Massage in London Paddington Area, just call butterfly massage, our beautiful Asian Masseuses are looking forward to meet you.

In Call & Out Call Butterfly Asian Massage in Paddington
For more information & quickest response
Call us now : 0744 883 6016 (UK)

Classically trained in the art of Erotic Tantric Massage and Tantric Body to Body Massage.

Sit with Ella wrapped around you as she guides you through Tantric breathing techniques or a guided sensual meditation..

Or let her take you straight to the bed where you will lay down, breathe deeply and experience the best tantric massage of your life.

Visit us in Bayswater and Paddington W1 and W2 for the best quality tantric massage and b2b sensual massage in London. Minutes away from Paddington Tube Station and South Kensington Tube Station. Enjoy the classic luxury of our Bayswater private massage studio

A beautiful girl awaits you in a relaxed candle lit atmosphere. Imagine therapeutic gentle music playing softly in the background and your beautiful goddess inviting you to lay down and receive a quality tantric massage that will leave you feeling relaxed, satisfied yet energised too.

All this awaits you minutes from Paddington. Enjoy the Central London atmosphere and the quality Erotic Tantric Massage services that we provide. We do not cut corners here in W1 and W2. We make sure to use the best quality products only, expensive pure odourless oils and high end shower and bath products. We would love to hear from you and treat you to the quality and relaxation that you deserve. Pamper yourself with a massage in Bayswater and Paddington area, the best massage in London. Our Bayswater private massage parlour is a beautiful classy flat , only few minutes walk from Paddington Station or Bayswater station.

We are a very short walk from Paddington Station or Bayswater station. and five minutes in a taxi from Kensington and Highstreet Kensington station. Perhaps if there is an exhibition you are interested in in the near by South Kensington station V&A or Science and History museum you can join us before or after you visit to the exhibition or show. If you just enjoy a concert in royal arbet hall, just get a taxi tell the driver to take you to our Massage Parlour.

Once you arrive in Bayswater and Paddington area, Butterfly massage will welcome you with open arms and invite you for an hour of pure bliss and healing. Paddington station is a great station with access to the majority of London underground and overground services, so no matter where you are in London, if you arrive at Paddington or Bayswater Station Butterfly Asian Massage massage will be 5 minutes away from you in a taxi. We do our best to be accessible to you wether you are shopping or staying at one of the fantastic hotels in Paddington or Bayswater area. Kensington High Street is at the bottom of Paddington or Bayswater area, so again if you happen to Paddington Station we are minutes walk from the station. Also South Kensington Station has a variety of lines that you can access from the city of London.

We are here to make your life that little more comfortable in any way that we can. And the best way to get comfortable is on one of our massage beds, receiving a wonderfully relaxing Butterfly Asian Massage Massage. Ella has a huge amount of experience in massage and has been trained to the highest level of expertise and professionalism in the art of Tantric Massage in London. We pride ourselves on having the most natural and pretty therapist that any Massage in London has to offer. Search high and low, from Kensington High Street down through Paddington or Bayswater and all the way back up through Sloane Sq in to the luxury of Knightsbridge, the best of luxury and pampering can be found with us at Butterfly Asian Massage Massage in Bayswater and Paddington W1 and W2. Get your Butterfly Asian Massage back at Butterfly Asian Massage London by booking a tantric massage in bayswater. Even if you work in the heart of the city, all the Butterfly Asian Massage massage locations are accessible.

Erotic Asian Massage Knightsbridge & Mayfair

Are you looking for a extremely sensual experience in Mayfair or Knightsbridge area? Want to have an Erotic Asian Massage in Central London? Butterfly London Asian Massage Parlor is your best choice, we have the most erogenous girls available in London and we promise you an unforgettable Erotic  journey!

Butterfly London sensual massage provide the best erotic Asian Massage in London Knightsbridge and Mayfair area.

sensual massageThere are different ways you can enjoy your leisure time. You can have fun traveling, read books, play games, or simply go on a getaway with friends and colleagues. But what if you have a relatively limited amount of time or you want to enjoy the ultimate level of relaxation in between business days? Our Erotic Asian Massage services are among the best alternatives you may want to look into.
Butterfly Erotic Asian massage awakens the senses effecting your whole being, deeply relaxing massage, body bliss, exploring new experiences that inspire and revive your energy. Tantra massage is re-awakening for your whole body as well as spirit.

Erotic Asian massage for Men:(from £100)

Knightsbridge Erotic Asian Massage experience will be very different to the massage service you used to have, you can learn techniques to transform your arousal experiences. The Erotic Asian massage is a stimulating massage, enabling you to feel highly aroused whilst also very relaxed, feeling wonderful blissed out.

Let your sexy massage therapist’s gentle touch ease away the stress and transform that feeling, where you enter another world of pure sensual pleasure. Your masseuse can teach you a simple breathing technique that will enhance your experience, or you can choose to leave this out. The Erotic Asian massage experience can enable you to explore a very deep and full body orgasm.

You can talk with your Erotic Asian massage therapist beforehand to ask any questions, if you experience premature ejaculation we can teach some simple techniques to enable you to prolong. You may have seen the Erotic Asian massage for men include the word Lingham, this is simply the Sanskrit word for the intimate male body.

Erotic Asian massage for men in London by experienced erotic masseuses in relaxing surroundings. Erotic Asian massage for men is a transforming massage experience, enhancing your well being.

No need to travel any more, our outcall erotic massage service will deliver the best Erotic Oriental Therapist to your hotel or home (All over London!)

About London Mayfair & Knightsbridge Area

Both Mayfair and knightsbridge area is located in Central London. Knightbridge and Mayfair are marvelous mix of bespoke tailoring, exclusive labels, high street brands and so much more. The area has a great selection of quintessentially British boutiques, shirt makers, shoe shops and toiletries and is definitely the place to come for classy threads. Oxford Street is home to hundreds of reasonably-priced high-street shops while the pedestrianized South Molton Street is dedicated to women^s fashion, especially shoes. New Bond Street and Old Bond Street are for label lovers and all the high-profile designers can be found here. Conduit Street showcases the quirky eccentricities of the English and Italians in the form of VivienneWestwood and Moschino. At the end of this short street is world-famous Savile Row where tireless tailors make immaculate suits. A place of pilgrimage for fashionists, this is the place where beautiful people come for good-quality tailoring and designer labels.

Surrounding Tube stations: (Mayfair & Knightsbridge area)
Sloane Square, Victoria, Knightsbridge, Hyde Park Corner, South Kensington,
Green Park, Piccadilly Circus, Marble Arch, Bond street, Oxford Circus, Charing Cross

Wanna have an Erotic Asian Massage in Knightsbridge or Mayfair area? Treat yourself and enjoy the ultra pleasure with most beautiful girls in London!

London Massage: Incall or Outcall?

Welcome to Butterfly London sensual massage parlor. London is a huge city and everyone who first visit London may get lost in the complex tube network, therefore, for customers’ convenience, London butterfly massage provide the “Outcall” Massage for customer who want to have a sensual massage in their home or Hotel in London ( and Heathrow)

In London Butterfly Sensual Massage, we sometime receive calls from prospective clients who are unclear about the differences between our incall sensual massage sessions and outcall sensual massage sessions. Some people, never having had a sensual massage in London, have absolutely no idea what the terms “incall” and “outcall” mean.
London Butterfly provide this article for customers explain the differences between London incall massage and outcall massage:
London Incall Massage is a massage that occurs in the Massage parlor, salon.

The advantages of incall massage for the customer are:

1. During the incall massage session the Massage Therapist can precisely control the temperature, lighting, and music used during the session to enhance your relaxation and pleasure;
2. During the incall massage session there are no ringing telephones, no noisy televisions, no blaring stereos;
3. During our incall sensual massage session, we will make sure nobody interrupts your pleasure…
4. All massage and bodywork techniques that the Massage Therapist uses, including Nuru gel, candle, are available during an incall session;
5. The incall massage session is less expensive than an outcall massage session.(no masseuse traveling charge for incall session)
If you are stay in London (or just arrived at heathrow airport) and want to have a massage in your home or hotel. Butterfly outcall sensual massage would be perfect for you. Outcall Massage is a massage that takes place in your home, office, or hotel room. Outcall Massage is also known as a Housecall Massage, Onsite Massage, or Mobile Massage.

The advantages of our outcall massage for the client are:

1. During an outcall massage you are in your own familiar surroundings;
2. During an outcall massage you can be close to people or situations that may need to be monitored while still getting a great massage;
3. While you first visiting London, our outcall Sensual massage session ensures you won’t get lost in London complex tube network.
4. During an outcall massage you can receive almost all of the same types of sensual massage and bodywork that are available during an incall sensual massages session;
5. After your outcall massage you don’t have to leave. There is no need to travel, you can just stay put and let the relaxation sink in.


Generally there is a difference in pricing between incall massage and outcall massage. Incall massage sessions allow the Massage Therapist to use their time more efficiently so it’s less expensive for the client. Outcall massage sessions require masseuse travel to customers. So an additional travel charge may added in outcall price.

Here at London Butterfly, We can make sure that no matter you choose incall massage or outcall massage you’ll get a great sensual massage experience.


Massage in Canary Wharf

Erotic Sensual massage, in Canary Wharf

Asian Butterfly  have been receiving quite a lot of calls for erotic sensual massage service from  customer in Canary Wharf area. We are more than happy to provide sensual massage for our customers in  Canary Wharf area. If you are willing to have an incall session we would like to give you some instructions to reach our Marylebone massage salon.

Canary Wharf is a major business district located in West India Docks on the Isle of Dogs in the Borough of Tower Hamlets in East London. The West India Docks once formed part of the busiest port in the world, now it is one of the busiest business area in the world. A lot of successful business men traveling in London are stay in the Hotel in Canary Wharf area. We know that lots of the customers are new to London and does not know how to travel in the puzzled London tube network. We are willing to provide outcall service to your location, so that you can just sit back relax and waiting for your sensual service deliver to your door step.

During late night or weekend works when the public transport is not operational, you can take a taxi and it should not cost you much in time and money. There are a lof of taxis in and around Canary Wharf and their services are available 24 hours a day. Also for customers who would like to take a walk to enjoy the view of the city it is around 2 miles and should take you around 30 minutes on average to reach us. Its recommended to such clients to take a hot shower at our incall location before the sensual massage. This service has a lot of body to body contact, so its good that proper hygiene is maintained for a nice experience for both the client and the masseuse.

This information to visit our incall location at Baker street for a sensual massage should be helpful to our Canary Wharf customers as some of them are not aware of this fact and think that these two places are far and normally give us a pass when we say that we are not in that area. If our clients are still not comfortable to take the 10 minutes ride for a one hour sensational tantric and prostate massages with one of our young and good looking experienced masseuse, you can book a out-call session over the phone and we can send one of the masseuses to your hotel or home. Extra travel charges might apply which are not there when you are visit our discreet and luxury premises.

Either way – you coming to us and we coming to you, you can call us in advance and book an appointment for a relaxing and refreshing full body service with good quality aromatic oils by our experienced masseuse at Butterfly London Sensual Massage.

sensual massage with butterfly

sensual massage with butterfly London

London Outcall Sensual Massage Chelsea (SW3)

Chelsea is a traditional affluent area of London, located to the south by the River Thames. If you are in Kensington or Chelsea area, and want to have an unforgettable Sensual Massage experience in London. Just give us a call.  Butterfly London sensual massage Salon provides an upscale incall and outcall service for gentlemen living or visiting London Central. Erotic, sexy, tantric tehniques and tailor made sessions were created for your individual sensual massage

Our Extremely Sensual therapy Including:

Tantric Massage, Nuru Massage, Tantric Massage , body to body massage, Lingam massage, and Happy-ending massage (Adult Massage)

Enjoy the ultimate indulgence in Chelsea London

Our Butterfly special Sensual Tantric massage is a naked therapy; this is to say that your sexy masseuse is completely nude during all sensual massage session, from the promising beginning right till the breathtaking end of it. Stepping out of bathroom with diamond-like drops of water shimmering all over her gorgeously naked body as if a lavish gemstone scattering, absolutely, beautifully nude, teasing you with the alluring curves of her perfect body, the goddess will commence the naked massage with the application of delicious, softly fragranced oils to your skin. Professional massage strokes and motions will ease up each and every part of your body, amplified with wild sensual caresses and teasing erotic play of her hands.

Booking London Butterfly Sensual Massage(Incall/Outcall)

We providing Both Incall & Outcall Massage in All London Area including heathrow airport hotel.  Butterfly Asian Sensual Massage would love to hear from you, Whether you want to provide me with some feed back or to make an appointment,just give us a call!

  • Email:
  • Tel (UK): 0744 883 6016
  • Tel (from abroad): 0044 744 883 6016

We have the most stunningly beautiful, highly trained sensual masseuses all waiting to take you to erotic nirvana. What’s more, every masseuse you see on this website is available to visit you in your home or hotel suite.

Butterfly Sensual Massage also offer London Mobile Visiting Massage Full Service available 24/7.


About London Chelsea:
Chelsea might no longer be drawing in the hippy or rock n’roll crowds but it’s still swinging. The neighbourhood’s main artery is the famous King’s Road, a shopping mecca of designer stores, high street shops, exclusive boutiques, bolt-hole pubs and independent restaurants. With the Saatchi Gallery and Royal Court Theatre amongst its cultural gems, Chelsea is also home to some of London’s biggest events and museums; the V&A, London Science Museum, and the Natural History Museum, which all attract many tourists. Come nightfall, Chelsea is populated by a young crowd who have money to spend. Chart and R’n’B music are the norm at Chelsea’s night clubs, such as the particularly popular Crazy Larry’s, Boujis, and Kitts. To welcome in the summer the Chelsea Flower Show is the horticultural event of the year.
Chelsea attractions:
If you are in Chelsea or Kensington area, the following places you will never want to miss!
Royal Court Theatre
Best for : Seeing a play by an up and coming playwrite.
The Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A)
Best for : The free entry to one of the world’s top museums.
London Science Museum
Best for: Indulging your geeky alter-ego.
Finsborough Theatre
Best for: Its fringe theatre shows.

How to get to Chelsea

By Tube: Sloane Square, South Kensington, Fulham
By Bus: 49, 211, 19, 11, 22, 319, 137, 170
24-hr Bus:14, 345, 414, 360