Greetings, and Welcome to London Butterfly Sensual Erotic Massage. We are gorgeous, friendly Asian masseuses, providing sensual massage services to gentlemen living in or staying in Central London or Heathrow. We provide professional massage services for men, women and couples with stunning masseuses. If you’re traveling or on business and look for an amazing adult massage in London, then you are lucky to find Butterfly assage and to indulge yourself with our amazing massages. Know more about the charge and services please read: Rate for one hour erotic massage in London.

Butterfly Feautres

Inspired by the concept of the Ancient Asian Tantric Massage and Vajrayana, Butterfly Massage excites the senses and makes guests feel truly special. We have created a sensual cocoon for gentlemen looking for a way to relax and unwind with an excellent Massage & Erotic service.

If you’re looking for a brand-new way to de-stress, and you’re the sort of person who enjoys experiencing a range of sensual delights through the power of touch, Asian massage London will be sure to please. This form of massage is based on the Hindu Tantric principle that pleasurable activities lead to mind expansion and a happier life.

Butterfly Massage London stunning therapists will touch any part of your body that you desire, and they will be quite uninhibited in their approach to rubbing you down. The goal of Erotic Asian massage is to increase your awareness of all intensely enjoyable physical sensations. You may set boundaries when you come to your appointment; in other words, if there is any part of your body that you would prefer to be “off-limits” during your massage, your caring, professional and accommodating massage therapist will respect your wishes completely.

London Butterfly Massage combine the most arousing elements of  oriental and western sensual massage therapy modalities in order to indulge you with the most sophisticated nude erotic massage available anywhere worldwide. Using only the finest massage products and hiring only the most beautiful and naturally sensual Oriental female masseuses, we make your pleasure our business. Before visiting any clients, all of our masseuses undergo an intense in-house sensual massage training programme to ensure their treatments are of a five-star standard. London Butterfly Massage are dedicated to the hedonistic pursuit of physical pleasure and endeavour to provide our celebrated clientele with a consistently exceptional service.

Erotic Massage – London’s most blissful experience

If you’re up for the experience, Erotic Asian massage will open your mind and trigger a dizzying array of blissful emotions that leave you fulfilled, relaxed, and totally re-energized. To visualize the experience of Tantric erotic massage, imagine a classic spa massage, without all of the typical boundaries and rules. For example, instead of masseuses in “corporate” spa uniforms, erotic Asian therapists may be scantily clad or completely nude.

The pleasures of the flesh are revered and heralded during Asian massage; there is no shame, no political correctness, and no division between masseuse and client. This closeness makes an erotic massage quite unforgettable. Again, you may set any boundaries that you wish in order to enjoy the sort of experience that you seek. Sometimes, therapists will use warm, aromatic oils to massage very sensitive parts of your body; feathers or other erotic toys may also come into play. Clients are rubbed down by therapists in heated rooms that are customized for their personal comfort, relaxation and privacy. Everything is geared towards your pleasure and relaxation, and you are guaranteed to leave your appointment with a smile on your face.

Now that your curiosity is piqued, you may be interested in learning more about the entire massage process. Let’s talk about some other pleasant and exciting things that will happen when you choose to experience the wonders of this erotic and mystical form of massage…

Body To Body Massage – Unsurpassed Sensual Luxury

Our Tantric massage therapists are highly-trained in the art of providing pleasure; these fit and attractive practitioners have the qualifications necessary to provide you with unforgettable, sensual massage that exceeds your expectations. These services are designed to relax you completely – while you are being touched by one of our therapists, you will be in your own little world, and your problems and worries will melt away. This sort of stress relief is very important, and it will provide you with an ideal outlet for your emotions.

Without such an outlet, stress becomes “bottled up” and causes so much pressure. In some cases, stress may even contribute to disease or mental health disorders. By choosing an erotic Asian massage experience, you’ll release tension, and you’ll also rid yourself of any sexual frustration. Since our massage is so sensual and so utterly satisfying, it really fills a need for our clients. In fact, many of our “regulars” boast better health, wellness and self-esteem after several Asian Tantric massage London sessions.

Massage By Gorgeous Nude Masseuse

Sensual Asian massage London from our qualified massage therapists will give you the deep, skilled massage that you would expect from any trained massage practitioner; however, it will also have an undeniable erotic quality that is very stimulating. If you’re looking for a way to enjoy the best of both worlds, you’ll love the pampering you get – and the sense of deep fulfillment that you feel – when you experience our full body rubdowns. No part of your body is off-limits, unless you say so – that means that your private parts will be rubbed and touched with great gentleness and skill, which takes your massage experience up to a whole new level. If you’re new to Erotic tantric massage, you’ll love the way this form of rubdown pleases you on every single level. In fact, you may never go back to traditional massage that doesn’t give you the same erotic sensations.

Outcall Visiting Massage Services

Have an outcall massage service visit your hotel in the capital. You deserve quality massage that is different from all the rest; when you choose our service, you’ll receive care that is “fit for a king” . We are here to give you top-notch massage that soothes your muscles, relieves aches and weariness, and gives you such a peaceful, happy feeling. Your health, safety and security will be valued and protected at all times as you enjoy expert Asian masseuses that are truly second to none. Our affordable rates make it possible to enjoy this experience on a regular basis. Whether you’re a London resident, or just passing through, you’ll adore the way our sensual therapists give you unprecedented pleasure in a comfortable, pleasant environment.

Why settle for massage that doesn’t have all of the bells and whistles? After all, you deserve something special, and that’s exactly what you’ll get when you seek out our erotic Asian massage London services. Mind, body and spirit will come together in an experience that is pure bliss when you open your mind to the possibilities of sensual Tantric massage. Erotic entertainment and stellar massage services will be combined to give you ultimate pleasure that you’ll never forget.

Tantric massage is centered on Eastern spirituality, and it is designed to enhance your entire life experience. This form of uninhibited erotic massage is perfect for anyone who loves to explore mind expansion and exciting physical sensations. Soothing touch, gentle words, and the perfect environment will make you feel special, cared for, and fulfilled. Bring your body and spirit together with the intimacy and sensuality of Tantric massage London; once you’ve met our open-minded, devoted massage therapists, you’ll be so glad you opened yourself up to this new experience.

Experience your reborn with Butterfly sensual massage, we will give you the best service !