London Prostate Massage

Butterfly’s classic Tantric massages are known to be very beneficial and enjoyable, but prostate massage is perhaps the most unique of them all. Through a series of stimulations to the prostate gland and the area surrounding it, you will be able to reach a new level of pleasure as well as gain a lot of benefits in return.

What a Prostate Massage like?

The intensiveness of the rituals will continue to rise gradually; you can feel it as the pleasure intensifies over the course of your Tantric massage session. To make it even better, the whole experience is as relaxing as it is exciting.

The Tantric goddess will then insert her lubricated finger into your anus in order to massage the prostate gland directly. You don’t have to worry about the whole experience being discomforting at all because Tantric prostate massage rituals are designed to be highly enjoyable.


Prostate massage

Prostate massage

Enjoy the Benefits of Our London Prostate Massage

Just like other kinds of erotic Massage, Butterfly’s London prostate massage also brings a number of benefits. These great benefits of prostate massage include:

Sexual energy recharge. Whether you are suffering from erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, or lack of sexual drive, you will be able to have your sex life greatly improved with the help of Sacred Spot massage.

Stimulate better prostate health. The male prostate needs to expand and contract following your breathing pattern in order for it to stay healthy and perform optimally. With a series of stimulations performed during the Sacred Spot massage session, the health of your prostate gland is well maintained.

Although it doesn’t sound that way, a prostate massage performed by a trained therapist can be very relaxing. As you enjoy the sensations more, you will be taken into a deeper state of relaxation progressively.

Prostate massage rituals can also help cure many health problems, including infections. As an alternative treatment to antibiotics, prostate massage can help you stay healthy and prevent severe health issues effectively.

Escept those main benefits of our London Prostate Massage, there are also quite a lot of extended benefits you will be able to enjoy during and after the Butterfly Prostate massage. The Tantric experience offered by prostate massage is very deep and intimate, allowing you to bond spiritually with the stunning professional Tantric goddess of your choice.


*Note: For your health & pleasure, Our sexy professional therapists will wear gloves and use Lubricating oil in the session.

For other requirements, please call & ask.