Art of Lingam & Yoni

Are you looking for an Erotic Tantric massage session in London? Butterfly Sensual Massage have different tantra practice for you. Tantric ritual, prostate massage (tantra style) and the most intimate, mystic & exciting one – the Lingam(penis) Massage .

We based at Central London, incall/outcall available.

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*Note: You can order a Prostate massage mix with Lingam massage in the end, Please let us know when you make appointment.

The erotic penis massage differs from the therapeutic massage in that you are not trying to do anything other than feel good.

Lingam Massage London

Lingam is a Sanskrit word which means the penis (male sex organ). In Tantra, lingam is viewed as a “wand of light”. It incorporates immense pleasure in the male body and has the ability to channelize energy. The tantric lingam massage is a non-traditional way of experiencing pleasure in which men is on the receptive side. The lingam massage focuses on massaging the lingam which also includes testicles, perineum and prostate. The takes the man into a deeper side of the pleasure he has never come across with.

This kind of massage in London has a reflex point and therefore, when it is stimulated, it affects the whole body in a sexual manner. The massage spreads like waves in the body and rise in bigger and smaller surges. The lingam is related to the bottom chakra. Hence, when the sexual energy rises, the client goes to a wide space and the orgasm shoots up in an energising manner the experience of which is totally out of the world.

The tantra lingam massage takes the client to a blossoming world. The whole body shivers and energy is in full swings. Before starting the massage, the client takes a hot shower with the goddess masseuse. The ambience of the massage rooms is worth being into it. Then, the client is settled on bed and is advised to take deep breathes in order to relax. Then the masseuse pours the required amount of hot oil over the lingam and gently massages it. The testicles, perineum and the scrotum are also gently massaged. The masseuse massages in a varied speed according to the need of the client. Then the lingam is squeezed from bottom and carefully caressed. The masseuse slowly put gentle strokes and then takes the shaft and massages the head of the lingam. This is the time for ejaculation and therefore, the lingam should be left loose for a while to come out. The client will breathe deeply and achieve orgasm.

Initially, this tantra massage will be a little uncomfortable for the first timers. The client should be prepared of the type of massage given and will then be having a pleasant experience. This lingam massage offers great help to the sex life. It makes the client achieve orgasms in a manner they would have never experienced and will leave them energised and the body will be charged and active.