At London butterfly massage, we welcome you to enjoy our massage services, massage experience is unlimited but there is certain rules you need to follow, please read carefully.


Our masseuses in London are fully dedicated to provide a heaven sensual massage experience; however you must expect that your experience will vary with the expertise and the personality of each masseuse. Some masseuses are more skilled in erotic massage, while others may have more experience with tantric massage. Regardless, every masseuse is fully dedicated to provide you with a satisfying massage experience.

Should you require a masseuse for that ever irritating pain in your back, neck or leg, please do inform our receptionist. She then will arrange for a masseuse with therapeutic skills for sensual therapeutic relaxation.

We expect all of our customers to be a true gentleman and to maintain high standards of personal hygiene.

Be modest with alcohol consumption prior to your massage session.

Also, have a shower before your masseuse arrives. And make sure your room temperature is at a comfy level. When your masseuse has finished her massage, she will use your shower to clean herself. Kindly have a large clean towel ready for her.

Our staff reserves the right to refusal of any customer whose intent, demeanour and appearance are not consistent with our views and policies.

We appreciate your understanding.

Do and Don’t when getting a tantric massage

Eros Tantric style massage where two bodies are fully nude, is a very erotic experience. We understand that you may become sexually aroused. This is actually a totally normal response to the intimate ambience and the gentle, tender touches of your masseuse. And so you do not have to feel embarrassed.

Regardless of your arousal, erotic massage is a one-way street and though it might not be easy to control yourself, this is exactly what you have to do.

A big don’t is touching your masseuse, when she indicates not to do so. Some other don’ts are making indecent proposals, asking for sexual services or offering money for extra services.

We do appreciate that we live in a free society and freedom of speech is a fundamental right, but at all times you are expected to respect your masseuse’s wishes. If she says don’t , that simply means do not.

Be a gentleman at all times. Let go and relax. Erotic massage is a sensual stimulation of all of your senses aiming at total relaxation. This is best achieved by being completely relaxed, without any kind of negative thoughts. Surrender to the sensual, gentle touches of your sexy, nude masseuse. Let her work on your body. Let her touch every area of your body and stimulate all of your senses.

Feel free to express which body parts need more attention and how you like your masseuse to proceed. She will be more than happy to accommodate you and ultimately release you from all of your stress.


If you do not respect our rules and our don’ts, your masseuse may instantly terminate the massage session without any refund.

Depending on the situation, we may even have to notify the local authorities. In any case, you will be blacklisted. Being blacklisted means that you no longer will be eligible to use any of our services in London.

Moreover, we will also notify associated massage services in any of these cities, so that you will banned from their services as well.

Fortunately, our blacklist contains only a few names.


Exceptionally it does happen that our busy executive customers have to re-schedule or even cancel a confirmed booking.

In general we will try to accommodate and be reasonable. Similar to the hotel industry, for late cancellations of confirmed bookings we are obliged to charge a penalty. We appreciate your understanding on this.

Within 1 hour of your confirmed booking – penalty fee gbp 100.
Upon masseuse’s arrival or during treatment – penalty fee gbp 200.