The Gel For Butterfly’s Nuru massage

Amber massageLots of clients have enjoyed our famous London Nuru massage since we started this special treatment 3 years ago. Our Sensual Nuru session is very popular because we do right thing in the right way. – In a nuru massage, the Key is the gel. Let our Massage Queen of the month – Amber to give you a brief introduction of the nuru gel.

What Is Nuru Gel?

Introduction to Nuru Gel

Nuru gel is a gel used for performing Nuru massage. Nuru is a Japanese word that means slippery. It is a premium gel that is extremely slippery and sticky. This gel makes the massage special to sensually perform the body to body slide massage. The gel is tasteless, colorless and odorless. As it is sticky, it does not mean it would not wash away that easily. It is water soluble so it is quite easy toclean. It does not leave any residue or stains on the skin.

Nuru gel Ingredients

A genuine Nuru gel is composed of Chamomile, Nori Seaweed and some natural but essential minerals. The gel has a number of healing benefits. It is capable of cleansing and detoxifying the body. The gel is composed of natural ingredients so it is capable of absorbing the Nuru minerals in a better way. The gel is hence effective in restoring the vitality and tone of the body. The minerals present inside the gel can moisturize the skin deep, leaving it soft, fresh and healthy. Nuru gel is excellent for treating cellulite and other skin imperfections caused due to alignment or pregnancy. The ingredients are capable of improving the blood circulation. Skin problems like irritation and inflammation can also be treated with the help of Nuru gel. This gel is safe to be used on all parts of the skin, even the sensitive areas of the body. It is an effective lubricant and because of its health benefits, it is widely used for performing Nuru massage. It is capable of offering deeper feelings and better sexual activity.  The gel is thick and slippery, thus, it is one of the favorite lubricants of couples. Nuru Gel is a special component of the Nuru massage. It is a special body to body massage which originated from Asia. The therapist and the participant cover their bodies with the Nuru Gel and then they use their bodies for giving massage to each other.

Benefits of the Nuru Gel

  • It is safe to use for all types of skins
  • It is capable of cleansing and detoxifying the body
  • Sensitive skin problems like irritation can be treated with the gel
  • It can restore the skin tone
  • The essential minerals present in the gel can be easily absorbed by the skin
  • It is capable of leaving the skin healthy , fresh and soft
  • Nuru is effective in dispersing fatty deposits
  • The moisturizing qualities of the gel can leave the skin flawless
  • It is excellent against the cellulite and stretch marks caused by pregnancy

Today, Nuru Gel is available in a number of different types. This gel is capable of providing a pleasure in Nuru massage, which you have to experience to actually enjoy. The Nuru gel is capable of providing a slide massage which can revive your sexual energy. Sensual Nuru massage is capable of letting you reach a new height of “happy ending”.  The Nuru gel is not just used by professionals, it is so good that it is used by couples as well.

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