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Tie&Tease: Release The Ties That Bind!

There are many people who place themselves in positions of authority on subjects of the mystical and spiritual. However, the truth is they are on a journey, just as we all are. Of course, they may have been on that path for longer, which may give them a certain insight, but not necessarily so. Read more

Some latest Testimonials Since 2022

Hi Guys, we haven’t post any updates for some time, Covid-19 is really tough period and we are back now. Since 2022, we’ve recieved many postive feedback from clients and we would like to share with you…

All Testimonials are authentic and we have asked the permission to post on our website. Hope this could give you some idea of our service and hopefully we could meet you soon.

Massaging in Bayswater

Edith, A wholeness and bliss completely filled my weary, old being. For some time your Temple became my Eden. My heart floated weightlessly, my spirit soared and shimmered! Like a brand new star, just born!

Aiko, Its hard to not deeply long to be with you. The yogi understands and can TRY towait patiently. Our busy lives keep us from the future. But, now I remember how it feels to hold you, the depth of your being, the splendor of our union, energy, breath body and spirit melting into one. Your honor me in so many ways. Your smile, your laugh, your great sense of humor. When you are ready rest with me a while.

Sweet Summer, I need to share this with you. Things are really different with me today. I woke only having 5 hours sleep, to find I felt as rested as if I had 3 days rest. My energy within is burning like it has never before. My body feels as hard and sharp as it has ever been. My sight has a blue filter like thing going on, things are bright and very clear. My breath is deep and whole, my lungs are full. The top of my spine is buzzing. I feel so strong and full. A new doorway has opened. I feel things are changing in me right now. I still feel you. I feel like I can touch right into your light. I still smell you. I love it, makes me happy. You have a wonderful, free, beautiful soul. No matter what happens in the future, you are forever connected to me, please know that. I will feed you energy, if you feel it, smile and know it’s pure and full of love and happiness. You are beautiful and wonderful. Thank you, Thank you!!
-S.R. Business Owner

Dear Yuki, Thank you thank you, thank you, thank you for today. It was absolutely incredible! All my life I’ve known that I have this energy in me, to be able to communicate more deeply with certain people by watching their eyes, their movements, their body’s responses, and I’ve always been blessed with sexual energy a girlfriend said I almost glowed, or oozed it… I always chalked it up to simply being attracted. But today what you said resonated deeply with me. I’m going to help my wife through all of this baggage that she’s carried with her for so long, that has made our relationship so lacking in physical/emotional intimacy. My challenge will be to find a comfortable way for her to engage, so that it’s her choosing, not one more thing she’s doing for someone else. Thank you again for giving me the realization that I have the capability, the “tools” to heal her and grow closer with her. Thank you too, for giving me the intimacy and healing that I try to tell myself I can do without. Namaste,

My Dearest Edith – You and I have shared something that I can not begin to put in to words. I spent 4 hours with you and have never feel so intimate with someone as I did with you. My body is floating, my blood flows fast and I feel you all over, your energy is still coursing in me. When I think of you, when I try to picture you, I see Love, Light and Sweetness like I have never seen or felt before. Wow, I can’t tell you how true you feel deep inside me. I do not know you, but somehow I do. I felt free and very open to share myself with you. I did not want to leave you. I just wanted it to go on. The feeling of safety and trueness is what I found in our time together. I can’t wait to continue our friendship, thank you! Thank you for sharing your knowledge and being so wonderful with me! You are amazing. I promise you will hear from me soon! Lots of happy love and caring

we are open now!

Butterfly Massage COVID-19 STATUS UPDATE

We planned to re-open our massage service at 6.10 in the 11:00 am.

We thank you for your continued patience while we navigate the newest health ruls to extend the erotic massage studio closure until now. We have been ready and willing to open safely and are waiting for the new guidelines that we were told would be released this week. As we have all learned during all this, that is not a guarantee. So stay tuned for updates via our newsletters and social media posts. Read more

London Marathon

Adult Massage London and The Marathon

Butterfly massage loves Marathon. Why? Because lots of our masseuses love Marathon and go for the game around world every year…they are not professional athletes, they just love it, like the way they love erotic massage…The London Virgin Money London Marathon 2019 is racing towards us at the speed of lightning and at Butterfly Massage London we are ready to embrace the grand spectacle. The Marathon athletes are not the only ones training hard! Here in the Butterfly Massage Kingdom we have been re-training our incredibly sexy Masseuses so they perform to the best of their ability. Our tantric massage therapists are rearing to go and we have decided to award them with Gold status, silver and bronze. The results will, naturally, be published once the London Marathon come to an end. Read more

happy new year from Butterfly sensual masseuse

We are Open for New Year Eve and New Year day

Dear client,

We are happy to announce that our openning hour during Christmas holidays and New year holidays stay normal.

11:00am – 03:00am Every day

All 12 lovely masseuses are happy and ready to give you the best massage during the holiday season!

Don’t be lonely and Call us today and enjoy nice massage at London!

Come to butterfly massage London massage parlours and celebrating new year 2019 with our beautiful massage therapists!

happy new year from Butterfly sensual masseuse

happy new year from Butterfly sensual masseuse


An Art Work of Erotic Japanese Massage...

Professional Japanese Massage London. Where?, How? What? How much?

An Art Work of Erotic Japanese Massage...

An Art Work of Erotic Japanese Massage…

Where to find a Professional Japanese Massage at London?

Here you are in London, the big cosmopolis where you can find and experience almost everything you can imagine. All day going around, walking, visiting and many times just working having one meeting after another, then you just want to relax and you think how great a Professional Erotic Japanese Massage sounds, a hot shower and a naked male body helping you to relax and making you feel so good about yourself. But where? How? What? How much?

Internet? Yes, here we are. Erotic Massage guides, maps, ads, you can look just by typing the words ‘professional erotic Japanese massage London’ to find many listings But, as you can see, London is huge and there are many ads for massage parlours and escort agencies when you just want an authentic Japanese massage with beautiful Asian masseuse.

If that is the case, you should try search for Asian, Oriental, Japanese, Nuru… and you can always define the area such as Victoria, Westminster, Soho, London Central, etc. Lets try ‘Japanese Nuru Erotic Massage London’ and try other variants the ads online usually allow us to use ten or fifteen keywords and we try our best to guess which ones you use. We always try different keywords variants referring to the services we provide and the areas we cover.

Maps – google maps and google+ Local are very useful and of course a good way to find us.

Guides and directories. Welcome to wonderland:

Guides such as Yelp, Qype (merged with yelp) and many others but do not trust reviews; on the one hand half of the reviews are fake and the other half not really reviews.

Good happy clients do not usually write reviews, especially about professional erotic Japanese massage, as they do not want anyone to find out about them which is much easier to do than you might think.

I know many guides and directories where it is very easy to write your own reviews, positive some of the reviews are real but a listing with twenty-seven good reviews? Come on!

There are many mean persons who write a bad review for the sake of it or because the masseuse did not want to have sex with them, etc.

If the service was bad you should talk with the Masseuse to make your point and try to resolve any issues, but you do not leave the Masseuses with the only option being to write a bad review.

Another example of bad reviews are those written by competitors, many fake bad reviews are from competitors trying to make you lose credibility and rankings. Nowadays, reviews are not anonymous anymore as used to be the case, and to find out who did the review is very simple. Therefore a bad fake review could have legal consequences especially if the review is against a legal, registered professional business.

Massage directories are always my favourite:

There are some erotic massage magazine in the market, they also manage websites for escorts and Masseuses.

As you see it is easy to get a professional Japanese massage London if you know the way, so why spend your business trips nights alone?

Korean Massage Trend in London

London Korean Erotic Massage by Asian Sexy Ladies

Sensual Oils and essential oils for Asian massage

Almost every type of massage uses oils. Oils are needed to help a masseuse’s hands move smoothly and freely over your skin without any uncomfortable friction, which you would have without any lubrication. I deliberately use the word lubrication because in order to make the skin slippery, some so-called masseuses use butters, lotions and gels. (Of course, they are the ones who everyone knows I love. Yes, I am talking about those wonderful, charming, opportunists posting ads as professional masseuses who use baby oils for massage. Good for them, bad for the clients and worse for the business, but I am not going there, not today.)

There are not major benefits in using oils, lotions and gels, at the end it is more a personal option unless we are doing a special treatment. For example, a London Nuru massage therapist will use a specific gel which is very slippery and made with seaweed, which makes a gel not only with high lubrication properties, but also very detox. A reflexotherapist will probably use a butter while giving a foot massage because this is an area which is usually dry and oils will get absorbed too fast, also gels and butters will keep the area cold giving a shooting effect.

As a sensual massage therapist and Tantric practitioner, my personal choice is always oils. When you mention oils, many people are already thinking of a very greasy substance which is going to stay on the skin for hours and is going to stain the clothes as well. This is probably true of baby oil because the base is a petroleum derived product, but a massage oil is not. There is a difference to make between carried oils and essential oils. Massage oils have two components, one is the essence – do not confuse with fragrance, essence is natural, fragrance is synthetic – and the medium, where we dissolve the essence for a massage oil, the medium, is going to be oil and those are the carried oils.

butterfly sensual massage oil

butterfly sensual massage oil

There are hundreds of carried oils, jojoba, almond, avocado, castor seed oils and so on. These oils are vegetable and therefore the skin will usually absorb them very easily. Some are thicker than others and we mix these in order to obtain the right consistency for the oils, the right thickness, in other words, lubrication. Depending on the type of treatment and the type of skin we are treating, some could feel more greasy than others, but the grease is not animal based, is not animal fat, which is usually the one leaving nasty stains on your clothes, as petroleum derived oils will also do. Are you getting my drift now? I think so < grim >. Carried oils are seeds, flowers, roots, plant extracts, and all of them have different benefits for our health, beauty and are also therapeutic. When a therapist has the right training, usually as an aromatherapist, he knows for what to use each carried oil, how we can treat skin problems, nurse muscles, and balance emotional disorders.

Many clients freak out when you mention the essential oils, but most of the time, they do so for the wrong reasons. When we hear the voice of essential oils, is very common to think we are going to stink of flowers, patchouli, lavender… all over the town, and that people will kick us out of public places for smelling like an old Victorian lady at a royal reception; other times we are afraid we are going to smell like an ambulant drug store. Lets face the first fact:

The amount of essential oils to use is minimum, a couple of drops per full body massage, which means that unless someone is sniffing you like a dog on heat, he is not going to get any smell.

Another fact is that because we are not using any alcohol the smell is very volatile, so probably the strong smell you will get during the massage will be gone after one hour, which probably is by the end of the massage session. The use of alcohol in perfumery is exactly to make the perfume stay longer over our skin, which is the reason why when buying a natural perfume it does not last longer, because there is no alcohol in it, or at least should not be. I guess this is the same as those ‘professional’ masseuses using the baby oils, get figure how many natural perfumes are as natural as they should be.

Another reason is that essential oils are natural oils not synthetic fragrances, which are the ones usually used in perfumery for the same reason as alcohol, to make it last longer.

Visit our massage parlour at west London to get authentic oil tantric massage services. We also provide outcall massage to Hammersmith area, contact us for further information regarding to our sensual Asian massage in London.

What has all that to do with sensual massage and tantric massage?

Everything and nothing. Let me get there. A sensual masseuse or a tantric massage practitioner will give you a great experience no matter what oil he uses, except, yes, you got it, that damned baby oil. But when we are allowed to support our technique with the right essential oils, the whole experience gets enchanted. Essential oils are like the spices used while cooking. I know many purists say that if the ingredients are top quality, spices are not necessary, and it could make sense. We can say the same about the massage: if the massage is good, nothing else is needed. But it is.

During a sensual massage session, all the senses get stimulated, and the more we stimulate the senses, the richer is going to be the experience. A good massage technique could only achieve some senses, but not all of them smell, taste, as well as never will substitute the stimulation of a relaxing sound, you do not want to hear me sing. All those are the spices of a sensual massage session. Yes if a client does not want me to use essential oils, I can still burn incense, but it will be the same as instead of using perfume, you just perfume the room, the smell is there but not on you. There is something sensual when the smell increases with the movements of the therapist. You will get the smell on different intensities according to his movements or where the essential oils have been applied; yes, there is also a way to do it, to intensify a session, there is an order and a way to apply the essential oils. When the smell is on the room, incense, herbs and so on, the smell is just there. Essential oils also have properties, there are thousands of essential oils and each one has its own properties, which are more intense and specific than the ones from the carried oils, aware of those, we use one or other essential oils depending on what we want to achieve.

London Tantric massage beside the sensual component of a full body nude massage session has also a mystical, spiritual component, and we use specific essential oils to boost those essential oils, such as sandalwood, cedar, sage, basil, which will aid our mind to go to a meditative state. But also there is a process, which is first to calm our mind and thoughts, second to induce the mind to a meditative state, but after and more importantly we need to energise the person we are treating so he will feel energised, happy and ready to take over the day. Yes, in many cases because the aim is different we will stop the process. If you are having a massage at twelve in the night at your hotel, why should I energise you, if all you want is to sleep? I want you to remember me in the morning but not because you did not get any sleep after the massage.

Essential oils are expensive?

Very! There are cheap versions? Keep away from those, and for the ones using baby oils, no, the one pound store essential oils are not a substitute. Those will burn and if you put on the skin of someone you are going to burn his skin and probably intoxicate them. Essential oils are expensive and that’s the fact, cheap versions are for burning to create or synthetic now. Just please be aware, essential oils have a lot of benefits but also can harm you. Never go to someone who does not know what he is doing. I can keep you calm or I can give you a head pain for the rest of the day. Essential oils should be always diluted in the right proportion so you do not get any rush or your skin gets burn, and there are essential oils which are a big No, no never to be used! So as I always say, go to a professional, pay what we professionals usually charge, and if it smells like a baby oil, run away!!!

Sensual Massage – What Is Happening To Our London Competition?

As many of you know we introduced the concept of professional, erotic sensual massage in London in 2011 – and were soon followed by a few serious competitors like Eros and 7th Heaven.

These two agencies did amazing marketing and had wonderful sensual massage videos that has helped enormously to ‘spread the word’. Many people got curious what erotic massage was all about. Naked massage in London became an established in the market of adult relaxation.

Erotic massage was talked about frequently by patrons of Stringfellows London, you know that exclusive nightclub and restaurant where successful people go to entertain themselves and watch beautiful girls dancing on stage. Many of these patrons decided to book a massage after their visit to Peter Stringfellows famous venue on St Martin’s Lane.

Competition make us better

Thanks to our competitors we went from strength to strength; supply creates demand, so we got bigger and bigger and remain the leading service for visiting erotic massage in London.

So Butterfly Massage, Eros Massage and 7th Heaven massage were London’s top 3 providers for sensual full body massage but were soon followed by many other agencies and small groups of independent masseuses who set up shop in London.

Especially 2011 and 2012 there has been a hype in agencies and small groups of girls setting up shop. As the massage industry is a very volatile business that takes a lot of courage, funds and optimism, many of those ‘start-ups’ have already disappeared or have lost enthusiasm in picking up the phone.
As usual, when the going gets tough, only the tough get going…

Yeah folks, creating a website and dressing that up with some great photos of sexy looking females or making a hot, sensual video clip is the easy part. To reach the customers is much harder.
Recently I observe a big shift in spending on advertising. Most competitors have completely skipped their banners and listings on the web or just maintain a small and often free listing.

And Butterfly? Well we just paid the bill for another year of advertising our services all over London and the UK. As I wrote above, when the going gets tough, the tough get going.

New Photos Of Jenny




Some of you may already know Jenny – her friends call her JJ. This girl has an amazing body with which she just loves to do a hot and steamy body to body massage.

Jenny is a sweet and lovely young girl with a radiating sensuality and an energizing positive attitude to life – especially when it comes to relaxing massage she is dedicated to make her clients relaxed, enjoy every touch of her hands and naughty fingers.

Some of her regulars call her ‘miss happiness’ and initially we wondered if that was about her personality or her treatments. But undoubtedly it is all about everything that Jenny does. As she says with one of her naughty smiles “When I come in the room I am happy – when I leave my customer, we are both happy, very happy!”

Oh you want to book a ‘happy ending massage’ in London? I am afraid we do that Sir. But rest are assured, Jenny, like any of our other amazingly skilled masseuses has very strong hands and with those hands… she will make even the most demanding customer very happy!

Actually, when a caller asks our operator if the massages have a happy ending, we instantly know the caller is from the States – Yippie Yi Yo!

Happy ending massages are so USA. Here in Europe and in London we never use this expression. A fully nude erotic massage or a Tantric massage is enough to make everyone, including our well respected American customers happy.

And buddy good news for you – every Butterfly masseuse, including Jenny does accept US dollars!