How to give a massage to your boyfriend

Butterfly Sensual Asian Massage London (Go massage London) is proud be one of the best sensual massage salon in the Capital, and today we invite our star therapist – The tantra goddess Yoyo to give girls a introductions of how to seduce & please your boyfriend by a sensual massage.


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sensual massage with butterfly London


A sensual back rub is much the same as lovemaking, or even like affection.

It’s a minute in time that ties two individuals in a bond that is joyful and great.

When you’re encountering a flawless erotic back rub massage, time could fly but then, you’d never need those hands to move away.

You’d simply need to lie there, feeling the overwhelming feeling of wild surrender assuming control totally.

An exotic back rub can unite both of you, despite the fact that one and only one individual encounters the joy of the ideal weight.

The length of your know how in terms of impeccable craft of a decent sexy back rub to a large extent would determine if you’d have the capacity to work ponders and win the appreciation of your significant other.


PREPARATION: The specialty of the ideal back rub

Have you ever given an arousing back rub to your partner? how do you feel when you give a back rub to your lover? and above all, did your accomplice truly delight in it?

You may not understand this, yet an erotic back rub is a union of two bodies encountering the joy felt by one.

A back rub isn’t around one individual doing all the work while the other accomplice encounters a decent rub down.

When you rub your significant other, you’d begin to feel comparable to the feelings of how your accomplice does.

Yet that would happen just when you really unite with your accomplice and make a bond, and let the energies stream between your bodies.


STEP BY STEP instructions to give a decent exotic back rub

A sensual back rub doesn’t take long, nor does it require a great deal of frill. When you comprehend what an erotic back rub truly needs, you’ll have the capacity to equip yourself and your accomplice for it inside a couple of minutes, and revel in a reviving back rub that’ll make both of you feel great.

You needn’t bother with agile fingers or a temples brimming with dribbling sweat to apply the right weight or give the ideal back rub.

You simply need to remember these 10 steps to make an encounter that is reminiscent of powerless bliss and an inclination of complete happiness, for both of you.

#1 Patience. Unwind and smooth your psyche. Tolerance is the way to giving a decent back rub. Like yourself and set up your brain to sacrificially satisfy your accomplice without expecting anything besides satisfaction and unwinding as an exchange. Take a couple of full breaths and keep away from any diversions.

#2 Undisturbed time. In the event that you need to give your accomplice an incredible sexy back rub, provide for yourselves finally an hour of undisturbed times with no telephone calls, email, or guests. An erotic back rub is a union of two personalities and to encounter it totally, you have to consider only the way your hands feel against your accomplice’s body.

#3 Get the setting right. Your accomplice can encounter the delight of a decent back rub just when they feel loose and uninhibited. Faint the lights if your accomplice feels unbalanced about lying naked under splendid light, or utilize a delicate material to blanket their butt when they rests bare on their tummy. Dress yourself up in delicate garments or take your garments off.

#4 Things you require. There are no necessities to a decent back rub and simply your exposed hands ought to suffice. Anyhow on the off chance that you need to elevate the pleasurable sensation, keep a jug of body cream *non-sticky and water based* close-by. Need to go above and beyond? Light fragrant incense or utilization back rub oils, and play some relieving vibe music in low volume. Yet simply recall to abstain from utilizing oils that have an overwhelming scent.

#5 The warm up to the back rub. Ask your accomplice to lie on their tummy on the couch. Take a seat by their side *you can additionally sit on their butt or thighs in the event that they’re agreeable with your body weight*. Place your activity on your accomplice’s upper back and move your hands everywhere on their back. Spill a liberal measure of moisturizer or oil on their back and begin moving your hands around their back gradually.

#6 The vitality trade. The vitality trade is the most paramount piece of a decent exotic back rub. As you move your hands tenderly over your accomplice’s back, close your eyes and feel your hands move against your accomplice’s body.


Inhale profoundly and feel your accomplice breathing however with your hands. Apply a little weight on their back, and with your eyes shut, envision the adoration and the friendship you have for your accomplice. Picture the positive vitality spilling out of your body to your hands and into your accomplice’s body. As you encounter the stream of vitality, your bodies will make an effective association that will tie both of you together in a compelling association of erotic euphoria.


Your accomplice will feel what you feel, and you’ll feel what your accomplice feels. Love and desire will begin streaming to and fro between your bodies. This may appear to be fairly out-of-the-world as you read it, however when you attempt this venture with your accomplice, you’ll understand the association inside a couple of minutes. You may even end up chuckling or getting teary on the grounds that the association would be so shockingly compelling!


#7 The back rub. When you’ve fabricated the vitality association between your bodies, begin moving your hands against your accomplice’s body. Begin at the neck or shoulders and work your direction downwards and outwards towards the limits of the body, the arms and the legs.


As you move your hands, shift the weight you’re applying on your accomplice. A joyful groan intimates a decent weight, a snort or an excruciating groan implies you have to decrease the weight. In the event that that doesn’t work well for you, ask your accomplice to let you know whether you have to diminish or expand the weight. To guarantee that you’re giving a decent back rub, begin amidst the back and move your hands outward and sideways.

#8 The feel great zones. The neck, the shoulders and the toes are the feel great zones. Regardless of the possibility that your accomplice doesn’t revel in a back rub or in the event that in any case they’re feeling hardened or clumsy, begin with this locale. These regions would help your accomplice unwind instantly, shed their hindrances and appreciate your hands against their body.

#9 The arousing zones. A sexy back rub is horrible when you don’t invest a considerable measure of time in the arousing zones, the pelvis, internal thigh and lower back. As you move your hands everywhere on your accomplice, give careful consideration to the way their body feels. On the off chance that it feels unbending, you have to concentrate on the feel great zones. On the off chance that it feels loose and moves effortlessly, they’re prepared for the exotic zones. Invest a considerable measure of time rubbing your sweetheart around their arousing zone. Also in the event that you need to bring more energy into the back rub, kiss or snack your accomplice around their arousing zone from time to time.

#10 Getting sexual and exotic. As you keep kneading your accomplice, switch between the arousing and the feel great zones once in a while. On the off chance that your accomplice gets turned on, center all the more on the erotic zones, so they can appreciate the sexual side of an unwinding back rub. You can even go down on your accomplice from time to time to help them encounter an erotic climax.


RESULTS OR BENEFITS of Sensual Massage

[confession: My Asian cheerful completion rub experience was a great result]

The chill off after a long while, exactly as you began expanding the weight with your hands step by step, begin diminishing the weight you’re applying on their body gradually. The chill off procedure ought to take no less than five minutes where you begin decreasing the weight progressively so your accomplice really doesn’t understand the contrast in your grasp’s weight.

When you’ve just about diminished the weight totally, move your hands everywhere on your accomplice’s body tenderly and gradually so they can even now feel your calming touch however they can’t feel the weight. End the arousing back rub by delicately kissing your accomplice around their body without irritating their loose state of thinking.

*Note: You can also give your bf a prostate massage or Lingam massage if you both want some extra exciting.

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