A happy ending massage for Men

Why You Should Take Advantage of a Happy Ending Massage

We would say that all of our massages come with a “happy ending” , because the massage therapists hired by London Butterfly Massage are both gorgeous and well trained in the art of massage and are always truly professional. Most people experience stress on a daily basis thanks to the fast paced world we live in, and once you find a reliable and inexpensive way to relax, you can feel like a real winner every time you visit one of these facilities. Despite the image some people have of these spas, they are truly professional and produce excellent results, even offering various types of massage for your convenience.

A happy ending massage for Men

Happy ending massages also offer a variety of advantages, some of which are discussed below:

Whats on Offer

London Happy ending massage parlors offer massages that are sensual, erotic, body to body, which means you can easily get a massage that is personalized to your specific needs. The massages are personal, discreet, and most of all, pleasurable, in part because the girls that provide them are some of the most beautiful girls you’ve ever seen. You can choose a blonde, a brunette, or even a redhead, because Butterfly Massage has a great choice of masseuses so that you can have the perfect one for you. With a four-handed massage, you can enjoy the company of two beautiful women, and regardless of which one you ultimately choose, you will experience total relaxation, attention to your needs, and a feeling of satisfaction in the end or as we would say a “happy ending”, whetting your appetite for future visits.

A Relaxation Like No Other

As soon as you enter the massage room, you will start to relax because the rooms contain beautiful candles, relaxing music, dimmed lights, and soft and comfortable sheets, all of which enable you to get in the right frame of mind before the massage even begins. The rooms have a certain ambiance not found in other service professions, and this is mostly because when you enter a massage parlor of any type, their number-one goal is your complete satisfaction. This is something they strive for and concentrate on from start to finish, guaranteeing you will be happy once everything is completed. They aim to please, but they are still professional massage therapists that make sure your muscles are completely relaxed and there is no tension in your body when they are done.

The Only Limitation Is Your Imagination

Another advantage of getting a happy ending massage (more info here) is that the therapists can always devise a personalized plan just for you, which means whether you are there to relax physically or emotionally, they will make sure you get what you want. Just imagine a beautiful, quiet room filled with candles and rose petals, and a gorgeous masseuse who is there for your pleasure only. This is what you get every time you participate in a happy ending massage, and whether this is your first visit or your twentieth, you can easily experience something new every time. When you also consider that these types of massages are very reasonably priced, it is easy to understand why they are so popular with both tourists and locals alike.

Lost control in Sensual massage

Lost control in Sensual

Sensuality comes in many ways…well, Sensual is not a sin but an Art for human being.

Butterfly London Sensual Massage share A poem by the sensual Venus..Lost control…

Lost control in Sensual massage


In my bed
Sleeping not
I cannot contemplate.

You hijacked my mind
I’m running in circles.
I need you to be close
For you been what I been longing for.

Empty thought
But I seem to only think of you
You blew me away.

I lost all control.
Disappearing, fading away.

during the sensual massage....

What I’m offering when I provide Sensual / Erotic Massage

In London massage industry , some company offering erotic massage while others offer sensual or both, What is the difference between Sensual and erotic massage? Very often, as a masseuse, I use both concepts Sensual and Erotic massage interchangeably, but this has more to do with different understanding of the terms.

during the sensual massage....

during the sensual massage…. it could be a body experience or also a spiritual experience…

More specifically, a Sensual massage would be orientated more into provocation and an Erotic massage session would be more direct, more physical contact, more sexual.

When I offer the erotic service or erotic massage on my mind there is not difference with sensual service or sensual massage but, once I get the chance to know the person is coming for a treatment, on that precise first moment I can see very clear two different approaches for the session.

I will use more specific Erotic techniques, I will become more physical when I perceive is the language he is going to understand and appreciate more, or maybe is other way around and I will develop the session more caring, less obvious, more sensual when I judge it is the approach I should use with someone with less experience, more into energies (example:tantra massage), someone more mental than physical in order to reach a ‘spiritual sensual experience‘.

At the end of the session, the ultimate goal of a normal erotic massage session is to bring the pleasure to you whatever technique a massuese would uses, no matter you choose erotic massage or sensual massage, your enjoy and relax would be our goal.

Summer new Asian massage girl arrive LondonThere are many massage techniques, movements, phrases I use, there is a commune goal which is your satisfaction but there is not one only way to achieve your pleasure and each session is different, somehow, personalize to each client; as a masseuse I should be flexible because every client’s needs are different as well as changeable; a good masseuse will be the one able to read, understand and anticipate to those changes in order to achieve her client’s satisfaction.

Do you want to enjoy a blissful massage session with me? Why not contact us today and book your erotic massage in London today….

About Author: Summer from Butterfly Massage London

How to give a massage to your boyfriend

Butterfly Sensual Asian Massage London (Go massage London) is proud be one of the best sensual massage salon in the Capital, and today we invite our star therapist – The tantra goddess Yoyo to give girls a introductions of how to seduce & please your boyfriend by a sensual massage.


sensual massage with butterfly

sensual massage with butterfly London


A sensual back rub is much the same as lovemaking, or even like affection.

It’s a minute in time that ties two individuals in a bond that is joyful and great.

When you’re encountering a flawless erotic back rub massage, time could fly but then, you’d never need those hands to move away.

You’d simply need to lie there, feeling the overwhelming feeling of wild surrender assuming control totally.

An exotic back rub can unite both of you, despite the fact that one and only one individual encounters the joy of the ideal weight.

The length of your know how in terms of impeccable craft of a decent sexy back rub to a large extent would determine if you’d have the capacity to work ponders and win the appreciation of your significant other.


PREPARATION: The specialty of the ideal back rub

Have you ever given an arousing back rub to your partner? how do you feel when you give a back rub to your lover? and above all, did your accomplice truly delight in it?

You may not understand this, yet an erotic back rub is a union of two bodies encountering the joy felt by one.

A back rub isn’t around one individual doing all the work while the other accomplice encounters a decent rub down.

When you rub your significant other, you’d begin to feel comparable to the feelings of how your accomplice does.

Yet that would happen just when you really unite with your accomplice and make a bond, and let the energies stream between your bodies.


STEP BY STEP instructions to give a decent exotic back rub

A sensual back rub doesn’t take long, nor does it require a great deal of frill. When you comprehend what an erotic back rub truly needs, you’ll have the capacity to equip yourself and your accomplice for it inside a couple of minutes, and revel in a reviving back rub that’ll make both of you feel great.

You needn’t bother with agile fingers or a temples brimming with dribbling sweat to apply the right weight or give the ideal back rub.

You simply need to remember these 10 steps to make an encounter that is reminiscent of powerless bliss and an inclination of complete happiness, for both of you.

#1 Patience. Unwind and smooth your psyche. Tolerance is the way to giving a decent back rub. Like yourself and set up your brain to sacrificially satisfy your accomplice without expecting anything besides satisfaction and unwinding as an exchange. Take a couple of full breaths and keep away from any diversions.

#2 Undisturbed time. In the event that you need to give your accomplice an incredible sexy back rub, provide for yourselves finally an hour of undisturbed times with no telephone calls, email, or guests. An erotic back rub is a union of two personalities and to encounter it totally, you have to consider only the way your hands feel against your accomplice’s body.

#3 Get the setting right. Your accomplice can encounter the delight of a decent back rub just when they feel loose and uninhibited. Faint the lights if your accomplice feels unbalanced about lying naked under splendid light, or utilize a delicate material to blanket their butt when they rests bare on their tummy. Dress yourself up in delicate garments or take your garments off.

#4 Things you require. There are no necessities to a decent back rub and simply your exposed hands ought to suffice. Anyhow on the off chance that you need to elevate the pleasurable sensation, keep a jug of body cream *non-sticky and water based* close-by. Need to go above and beyond? Light fragrant incense or utilization back rub oils, and play some relieving vibe music in low volume. Yet simply recall to abstain from utilizing oils that have an overwhelming scent.

#5 The warm up to the back rub. Ask your accomplice to lie on their tummy on the couch. Take a seat by their side *you can additionally sit on their butt or thighs in the event that they’re agreeable with your body weight*. Place your activity on your accomplice’s upper back and move your hands everywhere on their back. Spill a liberal measure of moisturizer or oil on their back and begin moving your hands around their back gradually.

#6 The vitality trade. The vitality trade is the most paramount piece of a decent exotic back rub. As you move your hands tenderly over your accomplice’s back, close your eyes and feel your hands move against your accomplice’s body.


Inhale profoundly and feel your accomplice breathing however with your hands. Apply a little weight on their back, and with your eyes shut, envision the adoration and the friendship you have for your accomplice. Picture the positive vitality spilling out of your body to your hands and into your accomplice’s body. As you encounter the stream of vitality, your bodies will make an effective association that will tie both of you together in a compelling association of erotic euphoria.


Your accomplice will feel what you feel, and you’ll feel what your accomplice feels. Love and desire will begin streaming to and fro between your bodies. This may appear to be fairly out-of-the-world as you read it, however when you attempt this venture with your accomplice, you’ll understand the association inside a couple of minutes. You may even end up chuckling or getting teary on the grounds that the association would be so shockingly compelling!


#7 The back rub. When you’ve fabricated the vitality association between your bodies, begin moving your hands against your accomplice’s body. Begin at the neck or shoulders and work your direction downwards and outwards towards the limits of the body, the arms and the legs.


As you move your hands, shift the weight you’re applying on your accomplice. A joyful groan intimates a decent weight, a snort or an excruciating groan implies you have to decrease the weight. In the event that that doesn’t work well for you, ask your accomplice to let you know whether you have to diminish or expand the weight. To guarantee that you’re giving a decent back rub, begin amidst the back and move your hands outward and sideways.

#8 The feel great zones. The neck, the shoulders and the toes are the feel great zones. Regardless of the possibility that your accomplice doesn’t revel in a back rub or in the event that in any case they’re feeling hardened or clumsy, begin with this locale. These regions would help your accomplice unwind instantly, shed their hindrances and appreciate your hands against their body.

#9 The arousing zones. A sexy back rub is horrible when you don’t invest a considerable measure of time in the arousing zones, the pelvis, internal thigh and lower back. As you move your hands everywhere on your accomplice, give careful consideration to the way their body feels. On the off chance that it feels unbending, you have to concentrate on the feel great zones. On the off chance that it feels loose and moves effortlessly, they’re prepared for the exotic zones. Invest a considerable measure of time rubbing your sweetheart around their arousing zone. Also in the event that you need to bring more energy into the back rub, kiss or snack your accomplice around their arousing zone from time to time.

#10 Getting sexual and exotic. As you keep kneading your accomplice, switch between the arousing and the feel great zones once in a while. On the off chance that your accomplice gets turned on, center all the more on the erotic zones, so they can appreciate the sexual side of an unwinding back rub. You can even go down on your accomplice from time to time to help them encounter an erotic climax.


RESULTS OR BENEFITS of Sensual Massage

[confession: My Asian cheerful completion rub experience was a great result]

The chill off after a long while, exactly as you began expanding the weight with your hands step by step, begin diminishing the weight you’re applying on their body gradually. The chill off procedure ought to take no less than five minutes where you begin decreasing the weight progressively so your accomplice really doesn’t understand the contrast in your grasp’s weight.

When you’ve just about diminished the weight totally, move your hands everywhere on your accomplice’s body tenderly and gradually so they can even now feel your calming touch however they can’t feel the weight. End the arousing back rub by delicately kissing your accomplice around their body without irritating their loose state of thinking.

*Note: You can also give your bf a prostate massage or Lingam massage if you both want some extra exciting.

For the most sexy erotic sensual massage please view our services page

body to body massage

How would you like your body to body massage session goes?

How would you like your Body to Body Massage session: sensual or not?

How would you like your Body to Body Massage session: sensual or not?

In London, a Body to body massage usually means that the massage therapist will use her body during the massage and sometimes she will lie on the body of the client to work using her own weight.

For other practitioners, body to body massage means that the client is allowed to touch the massage therapist during the massage and she will work with this proximity.

Either way, it will be a good idea for you as a client to be specific about what you would like to happen during the session.

At Butterfly Asian Massage (aka Go Massage London), Our masseuses provide a diverse service based on proximity and intimacy with my male clients. There are many times that a booking is made only using the time as a reference: a one hour massage, a one hour and a half erotic massage, etc… If you do this, you are not being specific and the massage therapist will always play on the safe side in order to make sure you feel comfortable.

Personally I prefer to be asked prior to the massage, and if I am not, I will assume the client is interested only in a light erotic experience.

In my hand, any massage, even a sport massage, could be an erotic experience. It is something subjective and personal, and probably what is erotic to one person is not to another, and when we talk about male clients using erotic massage services, what for one person is a turn on, for another person is a complete turn off.

Body to body massage for men could range from a simple massage using the hands and arms of the therapist through to rubbing all her body over yours, more or less intense friction, up side down or up side up. You will appreciate that for one person it will be more pleasant to have the masseuse on his back and for another to be on his front and for others not at all.

So never be afraid to be specific about how would you like your massage. I am very open minded, and in erotic massage and body to body massage your pleasure is my goal. Always ask in advance, by that I mean at the beginning of the session, and if you ask with respect (one thing is requesting another very different is demanding and sorry but I do not take orders from no one) it should not be a problem.

Thanks for reading, and looking forward see you and give you a thrilling body to body massage.


by Nico , feature masseuse at Butterfly

Is London Sexy Massage For You?

Let’s go sexy massage in London ! At Butterfly Massage, we focus on the art of sensual: our masseuses offer full packages of sexy massage therapis to clients including: Body to body massage, Tantric massage, Lingam massage (happy ending massage), Japanese nuru massage, Prostate massage, Feitshes…and many more… We have massage center in Marylebone London, we also provide outcall massage to all central London districts as well as Heathrow airport hotels.

sexy massage therapy in London for Men

Allow me to introduce our Sexy massage service in London:

Is London Sexy Massage For You?

Sexy Massage can be a great find for everyone. Whether you are newly in love or have been together for years, whether you have been exploring erotic massage or never heard of it, whether your sex life is great or you are having problems, whether you consider yourself a great lover or a not so experienced one, being able to give your partner a Sexy Massage will always open new horizons for you and perhaps even help you to stay together in the long run.

Massage for Good Lovers

Sexy Massage is not just for those who lack something in their sex life. Good lovers still can learn and explore a lot together here. Our current mainstream knowledge on how our sexual bodies and minds work is still limited and even if you are an adept on all the sex techniques out there, you may still be experiencing only more superficial levels and even your partner may not be aware of what he/she needs to go deeper. Sexy Massage will give you a new depth to enjoy, a new esoteric sexual knowledge, where you explore your intimacy even more.

Massage for Not So Good Lovers

If you are frankly aware that you lack some understanding in sex and you would like to improve your sex life with your partner, it is nothing you should be ashamed to admit – we all need to learn and sexuality is no exception. Our sexy massage sessions for couples will give you a wealth of knowledge about each other’s sexual beings, and will give you a great practical tool to go in and explore more and learn more.

Massage for Fresh Lovers

For some time in the beginning everything is booming and sex is plentiful, powered by passion and novelty. This foundation often doesn’t last forever, though, and with time many couples find that sex life begins deteriorating. The superficial intensities get old, the chase for new excitement has arrived to numbness and your deeper sexual selves still remain untouched in the absence of true sexual merging. Things begin looking like too much effort and too little compensation. It is only logical when we ride on sharp excitements and don’t access our deeper sexual beings. Don’t wait till you have to reanimate, build on good foundations now, expand your horizons now, introduce an extra dimension into your sex life now, while your energy is still strong to unite you.

Massage for Mature Couple

Those who have been together for many years may find that no matter how much you love each other you need to grow in intimacy in your sex and keep it evolving beyond the initial passions. Some couples set off on a search for novelties and experimental excitement, getting into an endless chase for new ways of arousal that in the end fail to strengthen their bond. Yet there is a whole world available to them right now, a world that can make them feel sexually fulfilled and deeply intimate, a world where their love would flourish in peace. Sexy Massage can be a key to that door.

Massage for Couples with Problems

It is surprising how many sex problems and conflicts come from one basic issue of incompatibility. It may not be obvious every time but almost all of the sexual dissatisfaction has its roots here. A Sexy Massage gives us a perfect tool to practice and achieve the fundamentals to meet your partner on the same deep wavelength. There is nothing as effective as Sexy Massage at this. Not only it can dissolve most of your sexual conflicts, but it also revives your sexual body to new sensitivity and vitality.

Massage for Tantric Lovers

Whether you have already tried to have Tantric sex in your life, or you are simply somewhat informed about it, a Sexy Massage is an invaluable universal tool to practice all that Tantric sex is about. Most workshops and massage parlours will teach you about the philosophy and emotional aspects of Tantric sex but won’t give you something directly practical to delve into Tantric sex. Sexy Massage is one of the ways in which you can actually practice the principles of Tantric sex and open yourself to deeper dimensions before the sex itself.

Live is too short for boring bad massages, contact us today to book your new massage experience at London. Find your massage in central London: West London, North London, Knightsbridge, Euston Station Hammersmith,  Heathrow airport and any other districts!

Sensual Oils and essential oils for Asian massage

Almost every type of massage uses oils. Oils are needed to help a masseuse’s hands move smoothly and freely over your skin without any uncomfortable friction, which you would have without any lubrication. I deliberately use the word lubrication because in order to make the skin slippery, some so-called masseuses use butters, lotions and gels. (Of course, they are the ones who everyone knows I love. Yes, I am talking about those wonderful, charming, opportunists posting ads as professional masseuses who use baby oils for massage. Good for them, bad for the clients and worse for the business, but I am not going there, not today.)

There are not major benefits in using oils, lotions and gels, at the end it is more a personal option unless we are doing a special treatment. For example, a London Nuru massage therapist will use a specific gel which is very slippery and made with seaweed, which makes a gel not only with high lubrication properties, but also very detox. A reflexotherapist will probably use a butter while giving a foot massage because this is an area which is usually dry and oils will get absorbed too fast, also gels and butters will keep the area cold giving a shooting effect.

As a sensual massage therapist and Tantric practitioner, my personal choice is always oils. When you mention oils, many people are already thinking of a very greasy substance which is going to stay on the skin for hours and is going to stain the clothes as well. This is probably true of baby oil because the base is a petroleum derived product, but a massage oil is not. There is a difference to make between carried oils and essential oils. Massage oils have two components, one is the essence – do not confuse with fragrance, essence is natural, fragrance is synthetic – and the medium, where we dissolve the essence for a massage oil, the medium, is going to be oil and those are the carried oils.

butterfly sensual massage oil

butterfly sensual massage oil

There are hundreds of carried oils, jojoba, almond, avocado, castor seed oils and so on. These oils are vegetable and therefore the skin will usually absorb them very easily. Some are thicker than others and we mix these in order to obtain the right consistency for the oils, the right thickness, in other words, lubrication. Depending on the type of treatment and the type of skin we are treating, some could feel more greasy than others, but the grease is not animal based, is not animal fat, which is usually the one leaving nasty stains on your clothes, as petroleum derived oils will also do. Are you getting my drift now? I think so < grim >. Carried oils are seeds, flowers, roots, plant extracts, and all of them have different benefits for our health, beauty and are also therapeutic. When a therapist has the right training, usually as an aromatherapist, he knows for what to use each carried oil, how we can treat skin problems, nurse muscles, and balance emotional disorders.

Many clients freak out when you mention the essential oils, but most of the time, they do so for the wrong reasons. When we hear the voice of essential oils, is very common to think we are going to stink of flowers, patchouli, lavender… all over the town, and that people will kick us out of public places for smelling like an old Victorian lady at a royal reception; other times we are afraid we are going to smell like an ambulant drug store. Lets face the first fact:

The amount of essential oils to use is minimum, a couple of drops per full body massage, which means that unless someone is sniffing you like a dog on heat, he is not going to get any smell.

Another fact is that because we are not using any alcohol the smell is very volatile, so probably the strong smell you will get during the massage will be gone after one hour, which probably is by the end of the massage session. The use of alcohol in perfumery is exactly to make the perfume stay longer over our skin, which is the reason why when buying a natural perfume it does not last longer, because there is no alcohol in it, or at least should not be. I guess this is the same as those ‘professional’ masseuses using the baby oils, get figure how many natural perfumes are as natural as they should be.

Another reason is that essential oils are natural oils not synthetic fragrances, which are the ones usually used in perfumery for the same reason as alcohol, to make it last longer.

Visit our massage parlour at west London to get authentic oil tantric massage services. We also provide outcall massage to Hammersmith area, contact us for further information regarding to our sensual Asian massage in London.

What has all that to do with sensual massage and tantric massage?

Everything and nothing. Let me get there. A sensual masseuse or a tantric massage practitioner will give you a great experience no matter what oil he uses, except, yes, you got it, that damned baby oil. But when we are allowed to support our technique with the right essential oils, the whole experience gets enchanted. Essential oils are like the spices used while cooking. I know many purists say that if the ingredients are top quality, spices are not necessary, and it could make sense. We can say the same about the massage: if the massage is good, nothing else is needed. But it is.

During a sensual massage session, all the senses get stimulated, and the more we stimulate the senses, the richer is going to be the experience. A good massage technique could only achieve some senses, but not all of them smell, taste, as well as never will substitute the stimulation of a relaxing sound, you do not want to hear me sing. All those are the spices of a sensual massage session. Yes if a client does not want me to use essential oils, I can still burn incense, but it will be the same as instead of using perfume, you just perfume the room, the smell is there but not on you. There is something sensual when the smell increases with the movements of the therapist. You will get the smell on different intensities according to his movements or where the essential oils have been applied; yes, there is also a way to do it, to intensify a session, there is an order and a way to apply the essential oils. When the smell is on the room, incense, herbs and so on, the smell is just there. Essential oils also have properties, there are thousands of essential oils and each one has its own properties, which are more intense and specific than the ones from the carried oils, aware of those, we use one or other essential oils depending on what we want to achieve.

London Tantric massage beside the sensual component of a full body nude massage session has also a mystical, spiritual component, and we use specific essential oils to boost those essential oils, such as sandalwood, cedar, sage, basil, which will aid our mind to go to a meditative state. But also there is a process, which is first to calm our mind and thoughts, second to induce the mind to a meditative state, but after and more importantly we need to energise the person we are treating so he will feel energised, happy and ready to take over the day. Yes, in many cases because the aim is different we will stop the process. If you are having a massage at twelve in the night at your hotel, why should I energise you, if all you want is to sleep? I want you to remember me in the morning but not because you did not get any sleep after the massage.

Essential oils are expensive?

Very! There are cheap versions? Keep away from those, and for the ones using baby oils, no, the one pound store essential oils are not a substitute. Those will burn and if you put on the skin of someone you are going to burn his skin and probably intoxicate them. Essential oils are expensive and that’s the fact, cheap versions are for burning to create or synthetic now. Just please be aware, essential oils have a lot of benefits but also can harm you. Never go to someone who does not know what he is doing. I can keep you calm or I can give you a head pain for the rest of the day. Essential oils should be always diluted in the right proportion so you do not get any rush or your skin gets burn, and there are essential oils which are a big No, no never to be used! So as I always say, go to a professional, pay what we professionals usually charge, and if it smells like a baby oil, run away!!!

Choose Butterfly For The Best Asian Massage

Everyone could do with a massage every now and then, but if you want the ultimate experience then a Butterfly asian massage in London should be at the top of your bucket list. This wonderful massage is performed by only the most beautiful and trained masseuses who will help you relax and relieve you of any tension that you might be struggling with.

Asian massage service in London

Girl for Asian massage service in London

Top signs that you might need a Sensual Massage

  • • You are irritated by even the smallest of things and noises
  • • You struggle to focus on your work no matter how hard you try
  • • You are always tired and stressed about your work and home life
  • • You are flooded by an urge to get some intimate attention and help you feel welcome and appreciated
  • • Depressive thoughts are seeping into your daily activities
  • • You desperately need a holiday but it is a while before you will be able to take off from work
  • • You are working on a large project that is consuming all your thoughts and energy

What exactly is a Asian Massage?

An Asian Massage is one of the greatest excursions that you can try for an ultimately pleasurable experience. The massage can be conducted at your home or at a luxury hotel depending on your personal preferences but a secluded area is required. A gorgeous young masseuse will help set the mood by applying a wonderful oil to your skin and lighting some candles that will help distract you from your stressed world. She will then proceed to perform a massage that you have never experienced before in your life. The gorgeous masseuses use their entire body to help soothe and pleasure you. They know exactly which buttons to push and where to touch to transform you into a world of relaxation. If you never had a Asian Massage before then it is high time you start making arrangements so you can also have an adventure that you will never forget. For price and services information click here.

Let the Butterfly lead you to the world of tantra

Butterfly London Tantric Massage, lead you to the Our Special  Tantra….

An intense encounter, dissolve boundaries , receive the energy of erotic Tantra.

An immense space in your mind…an unlimited joy in your heart..

without other desires, without other expectations,

only here , only at this very moment…

If your heart is widely open, you will increasingly feeling the marvellous of Tantra .

You will see, hear, feel, and entering the house of tantra.

With your ability you will discover the beauty deep inside..

Here is the pleasure..here you will reach the true ecstasy…

Asian Butterfly Tantra Massage London.. The flow of sexual energy.

Groundbreaking, relaxing, exciting, refreshing…

You will feel relax with unlimited pleasure…

The tantric massage is a sensual instrument experience for your whole body as well as your mind…

A wonderful London Tantric massage where every inch of your body lovingly touched.


 Tantric massage is a healing which allows you to observe and control your sexual energy..

Tantra is a great gift to the human being .It is truly the link between sexuality, love and sacredness. Through the practice of Tantra we awaken to the truth that our sexual potential is limitless. Tantra helps to dissolve boundaries and unite us with our true nature in the most divine and intimate ways.  Butterfly London tantra massage also includes a lot of stretching and exercises, which have an “applied” effect. To get an authentic tantric massage session in London , you can visit our massage parlour , or 7th heaven massage temple if we are not available for booking.

Booking a fabulous London Tantric Erotic Massage Now