What I’m offering when I provide Sensual / Erotic Massage

In London massage industry , some company offering erotic massage while others offer sensual or both, What is the difference between Sensual and erotic massage? Very often, as a masseuse, I use both concepts Sensual and Erotic massage interchangeably, but this has more to do with different understanding of the terms.

during the sensual massage....

during the sensual massage…. it could be a body experience or also a spiritual experience…

More specifically, a Sensual massage would be orientated more into provocation and an Erotic massage session would be more direct, more physical contact, more sexual.

When I offer the erotic service or erotic massage on my mind there is not difference with sensual service or sensual massage but, once I get the chance to know the person is coming for a treatment, on that precise first moment I can see very clear two different approaches for the session.

I will use more specific Erotic techniques, I will become more physical when I perceive is the language he is going to understand and appreciate more, or maybe is other way around and I will develop the session more caring, less obvious, more sensual when I judge it is the approach I should use with someone with less experience, more into energies (example:tantra massage), someone more mental than physical in order to reach a ‘spiritual sensual experience‘.

At the end of the session, the ultimate goal of a normal erotic massage session is to bring the pleasure to you whatever technique a massuese would uses, no matter you choose erotic massage or sensual massage, your enjoy and relax would be our goal.

Summer new Asian massage girl arrive LondonThere are many massage techniques, movements, phrases I use, there is a commune goal which is your satisfaction but there is not one only way to achieve your pleasure and each session is different, somehow, personalize to each client; as a masseuse I should be flexible because every client’s needs are different as well as changeable; a good masseuse will be the one able to read, understand and anticipate to those changes in order to achieve her client’s satisfaction.

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About Author: Summer from Butterfly Massage London