My full service massage experience in London

Here is my first time experience a so-called full service Massage service in Marylebone London, it was fun and full of pleasure, far exceeded my expectations lol. just read on

One of my friends recently checked this place out one drunken night and told me it was worth every penny. I live just outside London and thought these places were only in the inner city and with some 40-50 yr old ugly asian grandma who will give you a massage. However, this place far exceeded my expectations.

I called them up around 22:00 last night told them I would be there around 22:30. The girl on the phone didn’t sound very hot. Once I arrived to the place in Bakerstreet I realized I used to pass it everyday on my way to work, it is literally right in the middle of a friendly office location. From the outside you would NEVER realize what is going on inside.

I parked on the street and as I walked to the entrance the door opened and some hot asian young ladies probably20- 30 years old greets me, puts her arm around me and starts walking me to the massage room. As we walked back we passed some other hot ladies. I was pretty excited at this point. Once we got in the room she told me its 100 for 1 hour massage, full servcie massage 120 1 hour. I told her massage is fine, and gave her the money. She told me to strip naked and lay on my stomach on the massage bed.

She left the room for about 2 mins, came back in with sexy dress and the fun got started!

She oiled up her hands and started going to town. She gave me a very rough massage for about 15 minutes which felt amazing. She then had me flip over. Use her breast rub my whole body, At this point I have a raging hard on. She massaged every zone of my body, yes, every part..and then she whispered in my ear, “do you want a full service baby?” I told her a happy ending would work. She got off me, stripped naked, and went back to work.

She had a 8/10 body, amazing ass, great B/C tits. She used her tits to massage my coc. Lightly kissed me all over my body, sucked my nipples. It was 10x better than what my ex fiance did lol. She then started to blow me with comdom, which is better. She blew me for a good 10 mins before I blew my load. She was totally into the bj, she moaned, deep throated me, it was just awesome.

If anyone lives arround the marylebone London, its like a 2 min walk form tube station, definately worth it! I tipped her 30 pound which I thought was reasonable, so it cost me 150 total.

I forgot to ask if she is japanese or Chinese. and I check butterfly massage gallery for her , seems her name is Kimmy? I think next time I go Im going to ask her if her and another hot cute look lady there can blow me at the same time, thats a fantasy of mine, and I think shell comply

Anyone else ever been to a place like this?