Sensual, Sin?

Sensual feeling is a simple pleasure,  is not only from body, also from your deepest mind…

A Sensual verse from Sensual Venus

Butterfly London Sensual Massage share the Art of sensual with our loyal clients…Let’s enjoy the sensual of Art.

Sensual? Sin?

Is it a sin?
I see you lazing there,

your smile tickles my ear
Your contour aroused me 

and as I smell your neck,
Your sigh urging me on

as our flesh gleefullyseeks to suckle needfully
our each touching inch.
Your soft moan impatiently waiting
and upward archentices my dreams of kissing you
in and out
as you hold me to your panting chest 
urging my tongue to drink deeply into your wet desire.
Is it a sin to need you?
To brush your nipples of wanting erection 
brushing over my lips of anticipation;
to listen to your screams oferotica moans;
to serve in your wild satisfaction.

Is it a sin wanting you?