Sensual Massage – What Is Happening To Our London Competition?

As many of you know we introduced the concept of professional, erotic sensual massage in London in 2011 – and were soon followed by a few serious competitors like Eros and 7th Heaven.

These two agencies did amazing marketing and had wonderful sensual massage videos that has helped enormously to ‘spread the word’. Many people got curious what erotic massage was all about. Naked massage in London became an established in the market of adult relaxation.

Erotic massage was talked about frequently by patrons of Stringfellows London, you know that exclusive nightclub and restaurant where successful people go to entertain themselves and watch beautiful girls dancing on stage. Many of these patrons decided to book a massage after their visit to Peter Stringfellows famous venue on St Martin’s Lane.

Competition make us better

Thanks to our competitors we went from strength to strength; supply creates demand, so we got bigger and bigger and remain the leading service for visiting erotic massage in London.

So Butterfly Massage, Eros Massage and 7th Heaven massage were London’s top 3 providers for sensual full body massage but were soon followed by many other agencies and small groups of independent masseuses who set up shop in London.

Especially 2011 and 2012 there has been a hype in agencies and small groups of girls setting up shop. As the massage industry is a very volatile business that takes a lot of courage, funds and optimism, many of those ‘start-ups’ have already disappeared or have lost enthusiasm in picking up the phone.
As usual, when the going gets tough, only the tough get going…

Yeah folks, creating a website and dressing that up with some great photos of sexy looking females or making a hot, sensual video clip is the easy part. To reach the customers is much harder.
Recently I observe a big shift in spending on advertising. Most competitors have completely skipped their banners and listings on the web or just maintain a small and often free listing.

And Butterfly? Well we just paid the bill for another year of advertising our services all over London and the UK. As I wrote above, when the going gets tough, the tough get going.