Butterfly Massage now available for Knightsbridge & Mayfair

Are you looking for a extremely sensual experience in Mayfair or Knightsbridge area? Want to have an Erotic Asian Massage in Central London? Butterfly London Asian Massage is your best choice, we have the most erogenous girls available in London and we promise you an unforgettable Erotic  journey!

Butterfly massage just opening an new massage parlour in Mayfair area in November 2017 and has 10 girls working in the area. We have the right lady to provide you the best erotic Asian Massage in London Knightsbridge  and Mayfair area (incall + Outcall).

sensual massageThere are different ways you can enjoy your leisure time. You can have fun traveling, read books, play games, or simply go on a getaway with friends and colleagues. But what if you have a relatively limited amount of time or you want to enjoy the ultimate level of relaxation in between business days? Our Erotic Asian Massage services are among the best alternatives you may want to look into.
Butterfly Erotic Asian massage awakens the senses effecting your whole being, deeply relaxing massage, body bliss, exploring new experiences that inspire and revive your energy. Tantra massage is re-awakening for your whole body as well as spirit.

Erotic Asian massage for Men:

Knightsbridge Erotic Asian Massage experience will be very different to the massage service you used to have, you can learn techniques to transform your arousal experiences. The Erotic Asian massage is a stimulating massage, enabling you to feel highly aroused whilst also very relaxed, feeling wonderful blissed out.

Let your sexy massage therapist’s gentle touch ease away the stress and transform that feeling, where you enter another world of pure sensual pleasure. Your masseuse can teach you a simple breathing technique that will enhance your experience, or you can choose to leave this out. The Butterfly Erotic Asian massage experience can enable you to explore a very deep and full body orgasm.

You can talk with your Erotic Asian massage therapist beforehand to ask any questions, if you experience premature ejaculation we can teach some simple techniques to enable you to prolong. You may have seen the Erotic Asian massage for men include the word Lingham, this is simply the Sanskrit word for the intimate male body.

Erotic Asian massage for men in London by experienced erotic masseuses in relaxing surroundings. Erotic Asian massage for men is a transforming massage experience, enhancing your well being.

No need to travel any more, our outcall erotic massage service will deliver the best Erotic Oriental Therapist to your hotel or home (All over London!)

About London Mayfair & Knightsbridge Area

Both Mayfair and knightsbridge area is located in Central London. Knightbridge and Mayfair are marvelous mix of bespoke tailoring, exclusive labels, high street brands and so much more. The area has a great selection of quintessentially British boutiques, shirt makers, shoe shops and toiletries and is definitely the place to come for classy threads. Oxford Street is home to hundreds of reasonably-priced high-street shops while the pedestrianized South Molton Street is dedicated to women^s fashion, especially shoes. New Bond Street and Old Bond Street are for label lovers and all the high-profile designers can be found here. Conduit Street showcases the quirky eccentricities of the English and Italians in the form of VivienneWestwood and Moschino. At the end of this short street is world-famous Savile Row where tireless tailors make immaculate suits. A place of pilgrimage for fashionists, this is the place where beautiful people come for good-quality tailoring and designer labels.

Surrounding Tube stations:
Sloane Square, Victoria, Knightsbridge, Hyde Park Corner, South Kensington,
Green Park, Piccadilly Circus, Marble Arch, Bond street, Oxford Circus, Charing Cross

Wanna have an Erotic Asian Massage in Knightsbridge or Mayfair area? Treat yourself and enjoy the ultra pleasure with most beautiful girls in London!

body to body massage

How would you like your body to body massage session goes?

How would you like your Body to Body Massage session: sensual or not?

How would you like your Body to Body Massage session: sensual or not?

In London, a Body to body massage usually means that the massage therapist will use her body during the massage and sometimes she will lie on the body of the client to work using her own weight.

For other practitioners, body to body massage means that the client is allowed to touch the massage therapist during the massage and she will work with this proximity.

Either way, it will be a good idea for you as a client to be specific about what you would like to happen during the session.

At Butterfly Asian Massage (aka Go Massage London), Our masseuses provide a diverse service based on proximity and intimacy with my male clients. There are many times that a booking is made only using the time as a reference: a one hour massage, a one hour and a half erotic massage, etc… If you do this, you are not being specific and the massage therapist will always play on the safe side in order to make sure you feel comfortable.

Personally I prefer to be asked prior to the massage, and if I am not, I will assume the client is interested only in a light erotic experience.

In my hand, any massage, even a sport massage, could be an erotic experience. It is something subjective and personal, and probably what is erotic to one person is not to another, and when we talk about male clients using erotic massage services, what for one person is a turn on, for another person is a complete turn off.

Body to body massage for men could range from a simple massage using the hands and arms of the therapist through to rubbing all her body over yours, more or less intense friction, up side down or up side up. You will appreciate that for one person it will be more pleasant to have the masseuse on his back and for another to be on his front and for others not at all.

So never be afraid to be specific about how would you like your massage. I am very open minded, and in erotic massage and body to body massage your pleasure is my goal. Always ask in advance, by that I mean at the beginning of the session, and if you ask with respect (one thing is requesting another very different is demanding and sorry but I do not take orders from no one) it should not be a problem.

Thanks for reading, and looking forward see you and give you a thrilling body to body massage.


by Nico , feature masseuse at Butterfly