Butterfly Sensual Massage provides authentic Korean massage sessions with full oriental style treatment. The service is available for incall to our massage parlor in Baker street or Outcall to your hotel.

Korean Massage Trend in London

A four hands Korean massage sessions by Butterfly’s girls. 2017

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Sex Life Effects of Sensual Korean massage For Men

In sensual Korean massage for Men your sexual being is harmonically empowered to new heights, your sexual energy flows deeper, further and more freely. As a result you can greatly improve your sex life: you expand into more potential for pleasure, orgasms, sensitivity, connection and enjoyment. You also cleanse conditioning, sexual negativity, sexual blocks, sexual trauma and sexual problems, any acquired limitations. Your being gets more potential for high and profound sexual satisfaction, which will give you a new quality of sex life.

You also see the full beauty of your sexual reality and get valuable insights that you can apply at home. There is a lot we don’t know about our sensuality and sensitivity in normal sex life – because we never had the right guidance and a chance to just lay back, relax, and explore it, there has always been some kind of activity. No matter how fine your sex life is now, you can improve your sex life a lot more through sensual Korean massage.

Exploration with Body to body massage

Our London sensual Korean massage lets you explore and get to know the unknown wonderful corners of your sexual being. On the physical level you may discover new ways and places that give you pleasure. On the total level you may discover a new world in the beauty of your sexual energy, a world which you will want to visit again on your own and you will now know how.

Erotic Korean massage

Our sensual Korean massage will make your erogenous body sing with fresh outer sensitivity, while innerly the cleansing and awoken sexual energy will also make you more sensitive to the waves of pleasure inside your being.


A poweful, more liberated sexual energy and new ways of approaching it can open new potential for you in terms of reaching orgasms.

More Pleasure and Satisfaction

In the course of my sensual Korean massage you will also see how more profound pleasure can be reached in your whole body, incomparable with what you are used to, and how a more harmonic approach to sexual energy can bring you more satisfaction and fulfil your needs. It will saturate your sexual being with more potential for pleasure.


Through our sensual Korean massage you get a very different perspective on your sexuality that will help you get new understanding and get rid of some conditioning and inhibitions, thus greatly improving your sex life.

Learning to Receive

Discomfort in receiving sexual gifts is a very common background noise in our seemingly fine sex life. It doesn’t let us relax and reach our full sexual potential and learning to overcome this block can improve your sex life greatly..

Healing Sexual Trauma

Our  sensual Korean massage can help get rid of sexual problems and past trauma, by correcting your sexual energy blocks, gently rewiring your attitudes, cleaning out the sexual negativity and giving you back your sexual confidence. This is a very direct and effective therapy for sexual healing and you can read more about it in Sexual Healing.