Some latest Testimonials Since 2022

Hi Guys, we haven’t post any updates for some time, Covid-19 is really tough period and we are back now. Since 2022, we’ve recieved many postive feedback from clients and we would like to share with you…

All Testimonials are authentic and we have asked the permission to post on our website. Hope this could give you some idea of our service and hopefully we could meet you soon.

Massaging in Bayswater

Edith, A wholeness and bliss completely filled my weary, old being. For some time your Temple became my Eden. My heart floated weightlessly, my spirit soared and shimmered! Like a brand new star, just born!

Aiko, Its hard to not deeply long to be with you. The yogi understands and can TRY towait patiently. Our busy lives keep us from the future. But, now I remember how it feels to hold you, the depth of your being, the splendor of our union, energy, breath body and spirit melting into one. Your honor me in so many ways. Your smile, your laugh, your great sense of humor. When you are ready rest with me a while.

Sweet Summer, I need to share this with you. Things are really different with me today. I woke only having 5 hours sleep, to find I felt as rested as if I had 3 days rest. My energy within is burning like it has never before. My body feels as hard and sharp as it has ever been. My sight has a blue filter like thing going on, things are bright and very clear. My breath is deep and whole, my lungs are full. The top of my spine is buzzing. I feel so strong and full. A new doorway has opened. I feel things are changing in me right now. I still feel you. I feel like I can touch right into your light. I still smell you. I love it, makes me happy. You have a wonderful, free, beautiful soul. No matter what happens in the future, you are forever connected to me, please know that. I will feed you energy, if you feel it, smile and know it’s pure and full of love and happiness. You are beautiful and wonderful. Thank you, Thank you!!
-S.R. Business Owner

Dear Yuki, Thank you thank you, thank you, thank you for today. It was absolutely incredible! All my life I’ve known that I have this energy in me, to be able to communicate more deeply with certain people by watching their eyes, their movements, their body’s responses, and I’ve always been blessed with sexual energy a girlfriend said I almost glowed, or oozed it… I always chalked it up to simply being attracted. But today what you said resonated deeply with me. I’m going to help my wife through all of this baggage that she’s carried with her for so long, that has made our relationship so lacking in physical/emotional intimacy. My challenge will be to find a comfortable way for her to engage, so that it’s her choosing, not one more thing she’s doing for someone else. Thank you again for giving me the realization that I have the capability, the “tools” to heal her and grow closer with her. Thank you too, for giving me the intimacy and healing that I try to tell myself I can do without. Namaste,

My Dearest Edith – You and I have shared something that I can not begin to put in to words. I spent 4 hours with you and have never feel so intimate with someone as I did with you. My body is floating, my blood flows fast and I feel you all over, your energy is still coursing in me. When I think of you, when I try to picture you, I see Love, Light and Sweetness like I have never seen or felt before. Wow, I can’t tell you how true you feel deep inside me. I do not know you, but somehow I do. I felt free and very open to share myself with you. I did not want to leave you. I just wanted it to go on. The feeling of safety and trueness is what I found in our time together. I can’t wait to continue our friendship, thank you! Thank you for sharing your knowledge and being so wonderful with me! You are amazing. I promise you will hear from me soon! Lots of happy love and caring