Tie&Tease: Release The Ties That Bind!

There are many people who place themselves in positions of authority on subjects of the mystical and spiritual. However, the truth is they are on a journey, just as we all are. Of course, they may have been on that path for longer, which may give them a certain insight, but not necessarily so.

When you are learning about anything new, you are eager to absorb all information you can find on the subject, whatever it is. At that stage you will be unaware of what is relevant and what is not, after all it seems that everyone knows something about it but you, However, as you progress on your journey of self discovery, you will find a lot of information can be misleading, superfluous or downright damaging.

tie & tease

And how did you come by this realization?

If you analyze it down, you will find that the answers came from within. Not from some external force that purports to have all the answered and a direct connection with the universe, but from your own inner knowing and listening. Of course, it has always been there, but it has just been lost in the sea of confusion. As you start to extract information that is helpful in expanding your spirituality, you will find your own way of tapping into that energy naturally. Tantra, not the stuff that is all around the internet filled with ‘good time goddesses’, but real spiritual Tantra that helps you recognize love and respect in all things is one path that many choose to take.

By releasing a hold on indoctrination, you are finding a freedom that is only dreamed of by many. However, all it takes is a short step. A recognition that energy is free flowing thought life and has the capacity to give joy. Many people do not recognize the bliss in all things, preferring to focus on the detrimental obstacles, rather than the challenging gifts of spiritual expression they present. Of course, it can be difficult, and life is not a Pollyanna experience for everyone, but every cloud has a silver lining so the saying goes, which means you can gain some positive benefit from every single situation, issue or challenge that shows up in your life.

tie & tease

We are bound to the physical pleasures of the world and pay little attention to the spiritual benefits. However, it is the spiritual energy that can make a difference to the way we view the physical pleasures. The spiritual aspects can enhance any physical experience, whether that is a sexual one or some other mundane event.

By shifting focus to embrace the joy of life, you will find that your life takes on a different tone; a different feel. You may not notice this overnight. In fact, it may happen so slowly that you are hardly able to notice the imperceptible changes daily, but you may just wake up one morning and notice a very different feeling. It is then that you will realize you are back on the path to cement your link with the divine!